Hunger Games shows why Campaign for Liberty Matters

Mockingjay Part Two, the final installment of the popular Hunger Games series, is currently the leading movie in the country.  Mockingjay Part Two chronicles the final battle between the oppressive Capitol and the rebellion launched by the oppressed people of the 12 districts (for more background on the prior movies see here).

Spoilers Below

As one might expect from a Hollywood Sci-FI blockbuster, the rebels ultimately triumph over the evil oppressors. However, in a very un-Hollywood (but more realistic) twist, the leader of the rebels turns out to harbor dictatorial ambitions and is likely going to be just as bad, if not worse, than the authoritarian she replaced.

While I doubt that was the writer's intention, the story of Mockingjay serves as an illustration of the importance of Campaign for Liberty. While it is not as extreme as the movie, we are all familiar with politicians who claim to be 100% pro-liberty but embrace statism as soon as they achieve power.

In some cases, those who turn on the liberty movement started out sincerely dedicated to the fight for liberty. However, they quickly become seduced by the lies of the political class like "you need to go along to get along" or "if you vote against our big government scheme you are only helping the other side."

These politicians sometimes justify their betrayals as "necessary to maintain my viability within the system and work my way up to where I can really change things." The problem with this "strategy' is that by the time they achieve their goal of a Committee Chairmanship or leadership position they have forgotten that they came to DC to shrink the state. Many of these politicians come to view the very establishment they fought to get into office as allies and the grassroots liberty activists that supported them as the enemy!

One reason so many candidates go astray is that too many activists assume that their work is done on election day. In fact, the real work begins the day after election day. That is when liberty activists need to work to ensure those elected on promises to support individual liberty keep their promises, and those who are sitting on the fence or supporting big government feel the heat from their pro-liberty constituents until they see the light.

Campaign for Liberty's mission is to mobilize pro-liberty Americans to put the necessary pressure on politicians to force them to stop taking our liberties. Like our Chairman Dr. Ron Paul, and unlike so many so-called liberty people in the beltway, we do not crave the approval of the political class. Therefore, we will not settle for "reasonable" compromises that only take away 80% of our liberties. We are the Campaign for Liberty, not the Campaign for Compromise.

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