Important Message from Dr. Paul

Below is the latest message from C4L Chairman Ron Paul, discussing the need for liberty activists to draw a line in the sand in defense of our civil liberties.

As Americans' tears fell and our blood boiled as we watched the smoke billowing from the sites of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, few Americans could have foreseen the national security state Leviathan we live under today.

But ever since that fateful morning, the statists, using fear and mass hysteria, have pulled every trick in the book to expand government power and GUT many of our most sacred constitutional freedoms.

Now - after the recent tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut - establishment members of BOTH parties believe the timing is right to finally gut our Second Amendment freedoms, as well.

And should they succeed, you and I can only guess what will happen next.

C4L has created a special Liberty Protection Directive I'm counting on you to sign IMMEDIATELY to make your voice heard on this critical issue.

This fight is going to happen fast. The statists are determined to strike while anti-gun hysteria across the U.S. is at full-blast.

The Liberty Protection Directive makes it clear you're drawing a line in the sand.

No more assaults on our gun rights. No more assaults on our civil liberties.

No more standing by silently while the statists build up their prison walls all around us with outrageous schemes, including:

***Unmanned, armed drones flying overhead to spy on us;

***Department of Homeland Security-approved "Fusion Centers" issuing warnings about people who might have the "wrong" presidential candidate's bumper sticker on their car;

***Mandatory groping and naked body scans just to board an airplane;

***Warrantless wiretapping and snooping, enabling nameless, faceless bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. to listen to our phone calls and read our emails;

***Looking the other way while the President claims authority to assassinate American citizens on a whim;

***The NDAA's "indefinite detention" provision allowing our federal government to lock us up FOREVER without so much as a trial.

Of course, they tell you and me they're demolishing our constitutional liberties "for our own good."

They tell us we're so utterly powerless to protect ourselves against anything, we simply must depend on government overlords - who truly know what's best for all of us - to ensure our safety.

And now they're making the same laughable argument about our gun rights!

Studies show countries with high rates of civilian firearms ownership are the safest.

Countries where only those in power are armed - supposedly for the civilian population's "protection" - are cesspools of violence!

This should be no surprise.

The Founders included the Second Amendment in the U.S. Constitution as a bulwark against tyranny - as a check against evil men wielding the sword of government to bloody the American people into submission.

But now the Big Government crowd is going all-out to gut it.

There's no doubt - President Obama's anti-gun blueprint will serve as the basis for the statists' assault on our gun rights.

His outrageous desires to infringe on our liberties include the Feinstein Gun Ban - outlawing firearms that look "scary" - and a ban on magazines holding more than ten rounds.

But by far the worst is a thinly veiled national gun registration scheme hidden under the guise of mandatory background checks.

After all, you and I both know registration is the first step toward outright confiscation.

The establishment will do anything to ram these and other schemes through Congress, so there's no telling where this fight is headed.

And should they succeed on this issue, you and I are likely to see a mad rush of dozens of other outrageous plans designed to shred what remains of our constitutional liberties.

That's why it's critical you sign your Liberty Protection Directive to C4L IMMEDIATELY.

Your Liberty Protection Directive is a key part of the plan Campaign for Liberty President John Tate and I have put together to help fight back against the new attacks on our gun rights coming from Congress.

During my time in Congress, I did everything I could to stop radical assaults on our civil liberties and our Second Amendment rights.

And I have no intention of letting up on that fight now.

I've instructed C4L staff to pull out all the stops - including email, mail, op-eds, and blogs.

This type of program won't be cheap. But my hope is C4L will be able to raise the resources needed to fund hard-hitting radio, newspaper, Internet, and TV ads, as well.

Of course, none of this can happen without your help, so please agree to act today.

Seeing the statists' frantic rush to increase government power and further restrict our freedoms, I have to wonder if our gun rights are the last thread holding our republic together.

What might they do once they have nothing but disarmed victims in their sights?

World history brings to mind some horrific possibilities.

And I, for one, do not want to see that kind of madness happen here.

Instead, I want to do everything I can to guarantee ALL of our constitutional freedoms are protected - including our Second Amendment rights.

If you agree, please sign your Liberty Protection Directive today, and make your most generous contribution.

As I mentioned, there's no time to waste.

So please sign your Liberty Protection Directive to C4L IMMEDIATELY, and consider making a generous contribution today!

For Liberty,

Dr. Ron Paul

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