Liberty Hall of Fame

We spend a lot of time attacking politicians who vote against liberty. Today, for a change I would like to highlight some courageous votes and other actions taken in the last month by some Representatives and one Senator.

First, kudos to Representatives Thomas Massie (KY-04), Justin Amash (MI-03), and Jimmy Duncan (TN-02). These three were the only Representatives to oppose the Russia-Iran-North Korea sanctions bill. This bill, which may threaten free speech, could very well start World War Three.

Of course, Massie and Amash have long records of standing up for liberty, even against the leadership of their own party. Representative Massie is also the lead sponsor of the Audit the Fed bill, as well as other pieces of liberty legislation.

Representative Duncan has served in the House since 1988 and has a very consistent pro-Liberty voting record. He was also one of seven Republicans who opposed the Iraqi war in 2003. The others where Amo Houghton, Connie Morella, Lincoln Chaffee, Jim Leach, John Hostettler, and, of course, Campaign for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul.

Representative Duncan recently announced he will not be running for reelection.

The sanctions bill was opposed by only two Senators, Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders. However, Senator Sanders issued a statement saying he supported the sanctions against Russia, but opposed the sanctions against  Iran. So Senator Paul is the only Senator opposing the new Cold War with Russia.

Senator Paul is also leading the effort to force the Senate to vote on repealing ObamaCare, and was the only libertarian or conservative Senator to vote against McConnellCare.

Senator Paul finished up July by stopping the Senate leadership from ramming the National Defense Authorization Act through the Senate without giving Senators the chance to offer amendments.  Senator Paul plans to offer amendments dealing with topics such as indefinite detention and repealing the 2001 Authorization of Force that has been used to justify military actions having nothing to do with the attacks of September 11.

Hopefully the Senate will vote on and pass Senator Paul's amendments in September.

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