C4L President John Tate Condemns Actions of Alaska GOP

SPRINGFIELD, Virginia- Today Campaign for Liberty released the following statement from C4L President John Tate condemning the actions of the Alaska GOP which on Thursday ousted its duly elected incoming state chairman, Russ Millette. Millette was elected chairman of the Alaska Republican Party at the state convention in April.


“It is inexcusable for the Alaska GOP to oust its incoming chairman, Russ Millette, who was duly elected by hundreds of Party activists at the ARP’s state convention in April. The outgoing leadership, which is now pushing the ouster of Millette, includes the same individuals who freely violated Party rules by publically opposing a Republican nominee, encouraging activists not to attend Party events, and taking sides in contested primaries. These individuals are simply angry that Alaska Republicans have had enough of their leadership selling out to politicians who support Big Government and refuse to stand for Republican principles. Millette is a staunch defender of liberty and a committed Party activist who was duly elected by fellow Alaska Republicans. If the Alaska GOP wants to remain a viable Party and actually increase its membership, then the State Central Committee should vote to seat Russ Millette as chairman at their February 9th meeting.”



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