Join C4L at the Florida Liberty Summit!

Campaign for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul is headed to Orlando, Florida on Friday, April 4 to speak to the Florida Liberty Summit at the DoubleTree Hotel at Sea World.  He will speak at 7:30 PM.  After his speech, Dr. Paul will attend a book signing and a reception sponsored by The Campaign for Liberty Foundation.  Reception tickets are $99.

The Florida Liberty Summit, hosted by Florida C4L and YAL, continues Saturday, April 5 and Sunday April 6.

Senator Rand Paul will speak live via Skype.

Other speakers include Rep. Ted Yoho, former Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, C4L President John Tate, Doug Wead, Bruce Fein, Matt Kibbe, Ben Swann, Jack Hunter, Justin Pearson, Jason Hoyt, Jonathan Bydlak, Caleb Bonham, Peter Schweizer, Dave Warrington, John R Meese, and many, many more.

Learn more on the Facebook event site .

Learn more at www.floridalibertysummit.com.

Purchase tickets here.

CNN will attend the Liberty Summit and report on Dr. Paul’s Friday evening speech.

Friday evening is free and open to the public. Invite your friends and let’s make sure we have a great turnout for Dr. Paul!


Florida Liberty Summit

April 4-6

Orlando, FL

Double Tree at Hilton at Sea World

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