Ron Paul's influence continues to grow

Because of his strict adherence to the Constitution and his fiscal conservationism, Campaign for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul voted against all legislation authorizing spending taxpayer money for congressional gold medals.  He usually was the only member of Congress to do so, and when he left Congress, it seemed likely that future gold metals would be approved by unanimous votes.

Well, yesterday, the House voted on a bill spending your money to give a Gold Medal to golf legend Jack Nicklaus.... and there was not one no vote.. there where ten.  Of course,  the fact that only ten members voted against something as blatantly unconstitutional as spending taxpayer money on a gold medal is not a great victory, but the fact that it is no longer one lone member opposing gold medals is an indication of the progress the ideas of liberty are making thanks to the liberty movement that Dr. Paul's 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns inspired. Another great example of the progress of the liberty movement's growing influence is the increasing congressional support for ending the FDA's war on raw milk.



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