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Ron Paul Urges Senate to Reject Yellen


Ron Paul Urges Senate to Reject Yellen

SPRINGFIELD, Virginia- Ron Paul, Campaign for Liberty Chairman and former Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy, issued the following statement today calling on the United States Senate to reject Janet Yellen’s nomination to be the next Federal Reserve Chair:

“Since its creation, the Federal Reserve has destroyed 97 percent of the value of the dollar along with millions of jobs. The Federal Reserve and its failed policies of monetary expansion, zero interest rates, and crony bailouts are responsible for the economic crisis we find ourselves in today.

“If confirmed, Janet Yellen will continue this economic foolhardiness, while at the same time arguing that the Fed’s actions should be kept secret from the American people.

“At a time when the government demands to know everything about our private lives, the American people at the very least deserve transparency from their own government. I strongly urge the Senate to reject Dr. Yellen’s nomination unless there is a vote on ‘Audit the Fed’ (S.209).”


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