Please call Tom Cole

According to well-placed Capitol Hill sources, your representative, Tom Cole, is listening to Campaign for Liberty members like you and opposing attempts to sneak the online gaming ban into “must pass” appropriations legislation. . .

. . . But the special interests behind this scheme are pressuring him to support it.

And with closed door negotiations about to begin on the end of year spending bill, we must ensure he does not buckle under pressure.

It is vital you call Rep. Cole at 202-225-6165 and tell him to stand firm against any attempt to add the online gaming ban to appropriations legislation.

The online gaming ban would nullify laws in the three states that have chosen to legalize online gaming. It would also preempt state laws where citizens can play lotteries online.

Even worse, the bill cuts off debate in several states currently considering legalizing online gaming!

Your representative may be the key to stopping this assault on the 10th Amendment, so please call him at 202-225-6165 and tell him to oppose adding the gaming ban to the appropriations bill.

The online gaming ban also threatens your privacy by giving federal officials another reason to spy on your online activities. . .

. . . And this could affect you even if you don't gamble!

If your name appears in the contacts of a relative, friend, or coworker who has gambled online, you could become the subject of an investigation.

So please call your representative at 202-225-6165 and tell him to oppose giving the snoop state new surveillance authority in the name of stopping online gaming.

The online gaming ban not only violates the 10th Amendment and threatens civil liberties, it is the worst form of crony capitalism. . .

. . . It is an open secret that the only reason this bill is being pushed is to please one powerful casino owner who also happens to be one of the GOP establishment’s largest donors.

This donor expects Congress to outlaw his online competition as a reward for his past support.

And many in DC are eager to do his bidding!

That is why it is imperative you call your representative today at 202-225-6165 and tell him to keep fighting attempts to expand unconstitutional federal power in order to please one powerful donor.

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