Ron Paul and Norm Singleton on Christopher Wray's nomination as FBI director

Campaign for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul and President Norm Singleton issued the following statements regarding President Trump's nomination of Christopher Wray as FBI director.

Ron Paul -- The United States Constitution makes no provision for a national police force. Unfortunately, Congress is unlikely to dismantle the FBI any time soon, so the best we can hope for is an FBI Director committed to ensuring the bureau does not violate our constitutionally-protected rights.

Christopher Wray's work on the Bush Administration's torture program, and his history of defending the PATRIOT Act, suggests he does not understand the limits placed on the government by the Constitution, the philosophy of individual liberty that forms the basis of our system of government, and even basic human decency.

There is also little in his record shedding light on his stance on federal preemption of state laws concerning things like online (and other forms of) gaming.

If, during the confirmation process, Mr. Wray indicates he will continue sacrificing our liberty for security, or use federal power to stop individuals from engaging in peaceful activities like Internet gaming, U.S. Senators owe it to their oaths to uphold the Constitution to reject his nomination.

Norm Singleton -- The Wray confirmation is a test of whether the Senate is ready to do its job and protect our constitutional rights from the executive branch, instead of helping the snoop state shred those rights in the name of  "security."

Campaign for Liberty joins our Chairman Dr. Ron Paul in urging the Senate to reject Mr. Wray unless he  demonstrates a commitment to making the national security state abide by the Constitution. We also expect Mr. Wray to pledge to respect states' authority over issues like regulation of online gaming.



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