Ron Paul on War and Peace in the Age of Trump

Our friends at the Ludwig von Mises Institute and the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity recently hosted a one-day special conference with Ron Paul on "War and Peace in the Age of Trump."

The conference took place in Dr. Paul's hometown of Lake Jackson, Texas and featured an all-star line-up including Congressman Thomas Massie, former Director of the Office of Management and Budget under Ronald Reagan - David Stockman, Mises Institute founder and Chairman Lew Rockwell, and, of course, Dr. Paul.

Dr. Paul's speech is one of the best I have ever heard him give in my over twenty years of working with him.

Here and below is Dr. Paul's thoughts on the conference, as well as links to his speech and the entire conference:

I'm very pleased to report that the cause of liberty and peace are alive and well beneath the headlines. Over the weekend, The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity and The Mises Institute held a joint conference in my hometown of Lake Jackson, TX. It was a packed house! Peace is popular amongst the people, despite our war hungry federal government. At first, the conference was set up to discuss the slight possibility that (just maybe) President Trump would pursue a more peaceful foreign policy than his recent predecessors. Little did we know that President Trump would squash that idea just 2 days before the conference began.The president's rash and reckless decision to bomb Syria gave all of the scheduled speakers an extra jolt to provide passionate defenses for the ideas of peace and non-interventionism.You can watch my speech below, as well as the entire conference that was recorded for everyone who's fed up with more of the same from the Empire:

Ron Paul's Speech For Peace

The Full Ron Paul Institute / Mises Institute Conference





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