Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed Bill Reintroduced in Senate

SPRINGFIELD, Virginia- On Monday, Senator Rand Paul, (R-KY) introduced S. 209, Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed bill, which calls for a “full audit of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and the Federal Reserve banks by the Comptroller General of the United States.”


The bill is identical to Congressman Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed bill, H.R. 459, which gained 274 cosponsors in the 112th Congress and passed the House of Representatives last July by an overwhelming three-fourths majority of 327-98 after a nationwide grassroots mobilization effort led by Campaign for Liberty.


Last Congress Senator Paul introduced companion legislation, S. 202, which gained 37 cosponsors. Harry Reid refused to allow ‘Audit the Fed’ to be brought to the floor for a vote despite repeatedly calling for an audit of the Federal Reserve throughout his career.


“Harry Reid was the single reason Audit the Fed was not brought to the floor of the Senate in 2012,” said C4L President John Tate. “Harry Reid knows full well that Audit the Fed- which he previously claimed to be a strong supporter of- would pass both the House and the Senate if he allowed a vote. It seems the Senate Majority Leader doesn’t want the American people to know what he, President Obama, and the Federal Reserve have been doing to our money and our economy.


“President Obama and Harry Reid cannot tax or borrow enough to cover their big-spending agenda, so they have been willing accomplices in the Federal Reserve’s money printing. For politicians who claim to care about the poor and middle class, it is unconscionable for them to ignore the devastating consequences their spending and monetary policies have had on these very same Americans.


“With nearly seventy-five percent of Americans supporting an audit of the Federal Reserve, it is way past time for Harry Reid to actually do his job, listen to the American people and allow a vote on Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed bill,” Tate added. “C4L is committed to advancing this issue to victory.”




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