Senate Assaults First Amendment

Today, the United States Senate had a hearing with the Orwellian title "Examining a Constitutional Amendment to Restore Democracy to the American People." The hearing should have been called "Examining a proposal to deny First Amendment Rights to people and organizations that we do not like." The subject of the hearing was a proposed constitutional amendment to give Congress the power to “regulate the raising and spending of money and in-kind equivalents with respect to Federal elections…"

The provision giving Congress the power to regulate "in-kind equivalents” could empower a future Congress to "regulate" Campaign for Liberty’s efforts.  All this would take is to interpret efforts to inform people of where their elected officials and other candidates stand as an “in-kind equivalent” to campaign spending.  Of course, Campaign for Liberty is a non-partisan group, but that would not stop members of Congress looking to muzzle us and similar groups from claiming our efforts are  “equivalent” to campaign spending in order to make it more difficult for us to operate.

The result would be a politician’s dream; they could vote for big government in DC and claim they were fighting for liberty when in their state or district, and groups like Campaign for Liberty would have to overcome tremendous regulatory hurdles in order to tell the people the truth about their elected officials.

Campaign for Liberty opposes any effort by Congress to restrict the ability of any American to participate in the political process. We continue to fight the IRS’s attempts to infringe on our ability to effectively advocate for liberty by forcing us to turn over the names of our major donors.

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