Minnesota 2016 State Legislative

Dear Supporter,

Campaign for Liberty gave candidates for State Legislature an opportunity to provide a straight answer to the following questions. The candidates’ answers can be seen below the list of questions. Because the vast majority of states do not include 3rd party candidates in the Primary process, Campaign for Liberty policy is to survey 3rd party candidates for General elections, except in Jungle Primary states.

Survey Questions

1. Will you oppose all tax and fee increases?

2. Will you support a bill that would repeal ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion in Minnesota?

3. Will you oppose any bill that impedes free speech, including any so-called ethics reform bill that would require a citizen organization to divulge its donor or member information?

4. Will you support legislation that would end “policing for profit”, including equitable sharing with federal authorities, require charges be filed before any assets are seized by law enforcement, and ensure that property is returned if charges are dropped or the suspect is acquitted?

5. Will you support legislation to end the use of “no knock” warrants for non-violent crimes?

6. Will you oppose efforts to cooperate with a national ID card system and vote to block all state funding for and cooperation with any national ID scheme including the Real ID and Pass ID programs?

7. Will you vote against any and all funding--including but not limited to funds from the motor vehicle sales tax, the state general fund, and sales or property taxes imposed by referendum or regional authority--for all light rail transit, including but not limited to the Southwest Light Rail line and the Bottineau Light Rail line?

Survey Results

Key: = Yes, = No, = Yes and will sponsor, = Chose not to answer

Office District Party Name City Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7
State House 1A R Dan Fabian ROSEAU
State House 1A DFL George Nyakasi Bass THIEF RIVER FALLS
State House 1B R Debra (Deb) Kiel CROOKSTON
State House 1B DFL Erwin Erv Rud FOSSTON
State House 1B DFL Michael Mike Moore FOSSTON
State House 2A R Matthew J. Grossell BAGLEY
State House 2A DFL Jerry Loud BEMIDJI
State House 2B R Steve Green FOSSTON
State House 2B DFL Bryan Klabunde WAUBUN
State House 3A R Tom Long GRAND MARAIS
State House 3B R Timothy Brandon DULUTH
State House 3B DFL Mary Murphy HERMANTOWN
State House 4A R Jordan Idso MOORHEAD
State House 4A DFL Ben Lien MOORHEAD
State House 4B R Ben Grimsley DETROIT LAKES
State House 4B DFL Paul Marquart DILWORTH
State House 5A R Matt Bliss PENNINGTON
State House 5A DFL John Persell BEMIDJI
State House 5B R Sandy Layman GRAND RAPIDS
State House 5B DFL Tom Anzelc BALSAM TOWNSHIP
State House 6A R Robert (Rob) Farnsworth HIBBING
State House 6A DFL Ben DeNucci NASHWAUK
State House 6A DFL Julie Sandstede CHISHOLM
State House 6A DFL Mike Thompson IRON
State House 6A DFL Tom Whiteside HIBBING
State House 6B R Matt Matasich VIRGINIA
State House 6B DFL Jason I. Metsa VIRGINIA
State House 7A R Dylan C. Raddant DULUTH
State House 7A DFL Jennifer Schultz DULUTH
State House 7B R Cody Barringer HERMANTOWN
State House 7B DFL Bryan Jensen DULUTH
State House 7B DFL Liz Olson DULUTH
State House 8A R Bud Nornes FERGUS FALLS
State House 8A DFL C. J. Holl PELICAN RAPIDS
State House 8B R Mary Franson ALEXANDRIA
State House 8B DFL Gail Kulp ALEXANDRIA
State House 9A R John M. Poston NISSWA
State House 9A DFL Megg Litts STAPLES
State House 9B R Ron Kresha LITTLE FALLS
State House 9B DFL Dustin Simmonds LITTLE FALLS
State House 10A R Josh Heintzeman BAXTER
State House 10A DFL Quinn Nystrom BRAINERD
State House 10B R Dale K Lueck AITKIN
State House 10B DFL Erin Wagner CROSBY
State House 11A R Mike Line BARNUM
State House 11A DFL Mike Sundin ESKO
State House 11B R Jason Rarick PINE CITY
State House 11B DFL Tom Jones OGILVIE
State House 12A R Jeff Backer BROWNS VALLEY
State House 12A DFL Jay McNamar ELBOW LAKE
State House 12B R Paul Anderson STARBUCK
State House 13A R Jeff Howe ROCKVILLE
State House 13A DFL Anne Buckvold ST. JOSEPH
State House 13A DFL Jane Leitzman ST. JOSEPH
State House 13B R Tim O'Driscoll SARTELL
State House 13B DFL Matthew Crouse SAUK RAPIDS
State House 14A R Tama Theis ST. CLOUD
State House 14A DFL Aric Putnam ST. CLOUD
State House 14B R Jim Knoblach ST. CLOUD
State House 14B DFL Zachary Zach Dorholt ST. CLOUD
State House 15A R Sondra Erickson PRINCETON
State House 15A R Tom Heinks PRINCETON
State House 15A DFL Kent Lestrud PRINCETON
State House 15B R Jim Newberger BECKER
State House 15B DFL Karla Scapanski SAUK RAPIDS
State House 16A R Chris Swedzinski MARSHALL
State House 16A DFL Al Kruse MARSHALL
State House 16B R Paul Torkelson HANSKA
State House 16B DFL Austin Grossenburg NEW ULM
State House 17A R Tim Miller PRINSBURG
State House 17A DFL Andrew Falk MURDOCK
State House 17B R Dave Baker WILLMAR
State House 17B DFL Mary Sawatzky WILLMAR
State House 18A R Dean Urdahl GROVE CITY
State House 18B R Glenn Gruenhagen GLENCOE
State House 18B DFL Darrel H. Mosel GAYLORD
State House 19A R Kim Spears NORTH MANKATO
State House 19A DFL Clark Johnson NORTH MANKATO
State House 19B R Adam Isakson MANKATO
State House 19B DFL Jack Considine MANKATO
State House 20A R Bob Vogel ELKO NEW MARKET
State House 20A DFL Jim Connelly BELLE PLAINE
State House 20B R Aramis Wells DUNDAS
State House 20B DFL David Bly NORTHFIELD
State House 21A R Barb Haley RED WING
State House 21A DFL Lisa Bayley RED WING
State House 21B R Steve Drazkowski MAZEPPA
State House 21B DFL Elise Diesslin ELGIN
State House 22A R Joe Schomacker LUVERNE
State House 22A DFL Laura Woods LUVERNE
State House 22B R Rod Hamilton MOUNTAIN LAKE
State House 22B DFL Kirby G. Kruse WINDOM
State House 23A R Bob Gunther FAIRMONT
State House 23A DFL Zac Huntley BLUE EARTH
State House 23B R Tony Cornish VERNON CENTER
State House 23B DFL Josh Haseman ST JAMES
State House 24A R John Petersburg WASECA
State House 24A DFL Bev Cashman OWATONNA
State House 24B R Brian Daniels FARIBAULT
State House 24B DFL Patti Fritz FARIBAULT
State House 25A R Duane Quam BYRON
State House 25A DFL Linda Wally Walbruch MANTORVILLE
State House 25B R Fran Bradley ROCHESTER
State House 25B DFL Duane Sauke ROCHESTER
State House 26A R Will Waggoner ROCHESTER
State House 26A DFL Tina Liebling ROCHESTER
State House 26B R Nels T. Pierson ROCHESTER
State House 26B DFL John Wayne Austinson EYOTA
State House 27A R Peggy Bennett ALBERT LEA
State House 27A DFL Gary Schindler ALBERT LEA
State House 27B R Dennis R. Schminke AUSTIN
State House 27B DFL Jeanne Poppe AUSTIN
State House 28A R Adam Pace WINONA
State House 28A DFL Gene Pelowski WINONA
State House 28B R Gregory M. Davids PRESTON
State House 28B DFL Thomas Trehus SPRING GROVE
State House 29A R Joseph McDonald DELANO
State House 29A DFL Cortney Phillips ANNANDALE
State House 29B R Marion O'Neill BUFFALO
State House 29B DFL Steve Kilburn BUFFALO
State House 30A R Nick Zerwas ELK RIVER
State House 30A DFL Sarah Hamlin ELK RIVER
State House 30B R Eric Lucero DAYTON
State House 30B DFL Margaret Fernandez SAINT MICHAEL
State House 31A R Kurt Daudt CAMBRIDGE
State House 31A R Alan Duff ISANTI
State House 31A DFL Sarah Udvig ST FRANCIS
State House 31B R Cal (Calvin) Bahr EAST BETHEL
State House 31B R Tom Hackbarth CEDAR
State House 31B DFL Susan Larson HAM LAKE
State House 32A R Brian Johnson CAMBRIDGE
State House 32A DFL Paul Gammel STANCHFIELD
State House 32B R Bob Barrett LINDSTROM
State House 32B DFL Laurie J. Warner NORTH BRANCH
State House 33A R Jerry Hertaus LORETTO
State House 33A DFL Norrie Thomas WAYZATA
State House 33B R Cindy Pugh CHANHASSEN
State House 33B DFL Brad Brothen MOUND
State House 34A R Joyce Peppin ROGERS
State House 34A DFL Dave Craig MAPLE GROVE
State House 34B R Dennis Smith MAPLE GROVE
State House 34B DFL Kristin Bahner MAPLE GROVE
State House 35A R Abigail Whelan ANOKA
State House 35A DFL Andy Hillebregt RAMSEY
State House 35B R Peggy Scott ANDOVER
State House 35B DFL Wes Volkenant ANDOVER
State House 36A R Mark W. Uglem CHAMPLIN
State House 36A DFL Kevin Parker COON RAPIDS
State House 36B R Peter Crema BROOKLYN PARK
State House 36B DFL Melissa Hortman BROOKLYN PARK
State House 37A R Anthony Wilder BLAINE
State House 37A DFL Erin Koegel SPRING LAKE PARK
State House 37B R Nolan West BLAINE
State House 37B DFL Susan Witt BLAINE
State House 38A R Linda Runbeck CIRCLE PINES
State House 38A DFL Kevin Fogarty CENTERVILLE
State House 38B R Matt Dean DELLWOOD
State House 38B DFL Ami Wazlawik WHITE BEAR TWSP
State House 39A R Bob Dettmer FOREST LAKE
State House 39A DFL Jody W. Anderson STILLWATER
State House 39B R Kathy Lohmer STILLWATER
State House 39B DFL Alan Kantrud LAKE ELMO
State House 40A DFL Michael Nelson BROOKLYN PARK
State House 40B R Mali Marvin BROOKLYN CENTER
State House 40B DFL Debra Hilstrom BROOKLYN CENTER
State House 40B DFL Jim Richards BROOKLYN CENTER
State House 41A R Ryan Evanson FRIDLEY
State House 41A DFL Connie Bernardy NEW BRIGHTON
State House 41B R Camden J. Pike ST. ANTHONY
State House 41B DFL Mary Kunesh-Podein NEW BRIGHTON
State House 42A R Randy Jessup ST PAUL
State House 42A DFL Barb Yarusso SHOREVIEW
State House 42B R Tracy Nelson SHOREVIEW
State House 42B DFL Jamie Becker-Finn ROSEVILLE
State House 43A R Bob Cardinal MAPLEWOOD
State House 43A DFL Peter M Fischer MAPLEWOOD
State House 43B R Nathan Hansen NORTH ST. PAUL
State House 43B DFL Leon M. Lillie NORTH ST. PAUL
State House 44A R Sarah Anderson PLYMOUTH
State House 44A DFL Ginny Klevorn PLYMOUTH
State House 44B R Patti Meier PLYMOUTH
State House 44B DFL Jon Applebaum HOPKINS
State House 45A R Richard Lieberman NEW HOPE
State House 45A DFL Lyndon R. Carlson CRYSTAL
State House 45B R Alma J. Wetzker GOLDEN VALLEY
State House 45B DFL Mike Freiberg GOLDEN VALLEY
State House 46A R Anne Taylor GOLDEN VALLEY
State House 46A DFL Peggy Flanagan GOLDEN VALLEY
State House 46B R Bryan P. Bjrnson HOPKINS
State House 46B DFL Cheryl Youakim HOPKINS
State House 47A R Jim Nash WACONIA
State House 47A DFL Sean White WACONIA
State House 47B R Joe Hoppe CHASKA
State House 47B DFL Jane Montemayor EXCELSIOR
State House 48A R Kris Newcomer MINNETONKA
State House 48A R Mary Shapiro MINNETONKA
State House 48A DFL Laurie Pryor MINNETONKA
State House 48B R Jenifer W. Loon EDEN PRAIRIE
State House 48B DFL Ben Sherlock EDEN PRAIRIE
State House 49A R Dario Anselmo EDINA
State House 49A DFL Ron Erhardt EDINA
State House 49B R Max Rymer EDINA
State House 49B DFL Paul Rosenthal EDINA
State House 50A R Tim Johnson RICHFIELD
State House 50A DFL Linda Slocum RICHFIELD
State House 50B R Chad Anderson BLOOMINGTON
State House 50B DFL Andrew Carlson BLOOMINGTON
State House 50B DFL Christopher Seymore BLOOMINGTON
State House 51A R Brad Gerten BURNSVILLE
State House 51A DFL Sandra Masin EAGAN
State House 51B R Pat Hammond EAGAN
State House 51B DFL Laurie Halverson EAGAN
State House 52A R Larry Sachi WEST ST PAUL
State House 52A DFL Rick Hansen SOUTH ST. PAUL
State House 52B R Regina Barr INVER GROVE HEIGHTS
State House 53A R Andy Turonie MAPLEWOOD
State House 53A DFL JoAnn Ward WOODBURY
State House 53B R Kelly Fenton WOODBURY
State House 53B DFL Alberder Gillespie WOODBURY
State House 54A R Keith Franke ST. PAUL PARK
State House 54A DFL Jen Peterson COTTAGE GROVE
State House 54B R Tony Jurgens HASTINGS
State House 54B DFL Don Slaten HASTINGS
State House 55A R Bob Loonan SHAKOPEE
State House 55A DFL Mary Hernandez SHAKOPEE
State House 55B R Tony Albright PRIOR LAKE
State House 55B DFL Cecilia Haakenson PRIOR LAKE
State House 56A R Drew Christensen SAVAGE
State House 56A DFL Jared Christiansen BURNSVILLE
State House 56A DFL Dan Kimmel BURNSVILLE
State House 56B R Roz Peterson LAKEVILLE
State House 56B DFL Lindsey Port BURNSVILLE
State House 57A R Ali Jimenez-Hopper APPLE VALLEY
State House 57A DFL Erin Maye Quade APPLE VALLEY
State House 57B R Anna Wills ROSEMOUNT
State House 57B DFL John Huot ROSEMOUNT
State House 58A R Jon Koznick LAKEVILLE
State House 58A DFL LeAnn Weikle LAKEVILLE
State House 58B R Patrick Garofalo FARMINGTON
State House 58B DFL Marla Vagts FARMINGTON
State House 59A R Jessica Newville MINNEAPOLIS
State House 59A DFL Fue Lee MINNEAPOLIS
State House 59A DFL Joe Mullery MINNEAPOLIS
State House 59B R Margaret E. Martin MINNEAPOLIS
State House 59B DFL Raymond Dehn MPLS.
State House 60A DFL Diane Loeffler MINNEAPOLIS
State House 60B R Abdimalik Askar MINNEAPOLIS
State House 60B DFL Phyllis Kahn MINNEAPOLIS
State House 60B DFL Mohamud Noor MINNEAPOLIS
State House 60B DFL Ilhan Omar MINNEAPOLIS
State House 61A R Brian Rosenblatt MINNEAPOLIS
State House 61A DFL Frank Hornstein MINNEAPOLIS
State House 61B R Tom Gallagher MINNEAPOLIS
State House 61B DFL Paul Thissen MINNEAPOLIS
State House 62A R Claire Leiter MINNEAPOLIS
State House 62A DFL Karen Clark MPLS
State House 62B DFL Susan Allen MINNEAPOLIS
State House 63A R Kyle Bragg MINNEAPOLIS
State House 63A DFL Jim Davnie MINNEAPOLIS
State House 63B R Frank Pafko RICHFIELD
State House 63B DFL Jean Wagenius MINNEAPOLIS
State House 64A R Riley Horan ST. PAUL
State House 64A DFL Erin Murphy ST PAUL
State House 64B R Emory K. Dively ST PAUL
State House 64B DFL Dave Pinto ST PAUL
State House 65A R Monique Giordana ST. PAUL
State House 65A DFL Rashad Anthony Turner ST. PAUL
State House 65A DFL Rena Moran ST. PAUL
State House 65B R Margaret Mary Stokely SAINT PAUL
State House 65B DFL Carlos Mariani ST. PAUL
State House 66A R Jon Heyer SAINT PAUL
State House 66A DFL Alice Hausman ST. PAUL
State House 66B R William P. Brownell ST. PAUL
State House 66B DFL John Lesch ST. PAUL
State House 67A R Andrew Livingston SAINT PAUL
State House 67A DFL Tim Mahoney ST. PAUL
State House 67B R Lisa Thompson WOODBURY
State House 67B DFL Sheldon Johnson ST. PAUL
State Senate 1 R Edwin Dale Hahn THIEF RIVER FALLS
State Senate 1 R Mark Johnson EAST GRAND FORKS
State Senate 1 DFL Jual Carlson KARLSTAD
State Senate 1 DFL Kip Fontaine MENTOR
State Senate 2 R Paul Utke PARK RAPIDS
State Senate 2 DFL Rod Skoe CLEARBROOK
State Senate 3 R Jennifer L. Havlick TWO HARBORS
State Senate 3 DFL Thomas (Tom) Bakk COOK
State Senate 4 R James Leiman ADA
State Senate 4 DFL Kent Eken TWIN VALLEY
State Senate 5 R Justin Eichorn GRAND RAPIDS
State Senate 5 R Pedie Pederson BEMIDJI
State Senate 5 DFL Tom Saxhaug GRAND RAPIDS
State Senate 6 R Skeeter Tomczak EVELETH
State Senate 6 DFL David J Tomassoni CHISHOLM
State Senate 7 R Donna Bergstrom DULUTH
State Senate 7 DFL Erik Simonson DULUTH
State Senate 8 R Bill Ingebrigtsen ALEXANDRIA
State Senate 8 DFL Shawn Olson ALEXANDRIA
State Senate 9 R Paul Gazelka BAXTER
State Senate 9 DFL Jason Weinerman LITTLE FALLS
State Senate 10 R Carrie Ruud BREEZY POINT
State Senate 10 DFL Tiffany Stenglein BRAINERD
State Senate 11 R Michael Cummins CAMBRIDGE
State Senate 11 DFL Tony Lourey KERRICK
State Senate 12 R Torrey Westrom ELBOW LAKE
State Senate 12 DFL Russ Hinrichs ALEXANDRIA
State Senate 13 R Michelle Fischbach PAYNESVILLE
State Senate 13 DFL Michael Willemsen SAUK RAPIDS
State Senate 14 R Jerry Relph ST. CLOUD
State Senate 14 DFL Dan Wolgamott ST. CLOUD
State Senate 15 R Andrew Mathews MILACA
State Senate 15 R Dan Whitcomb PRINCETON
State Senate 15 DFL Chilah Brown ISLE
State Senate 15 DFL Rob Passons ISLE
State Senate 16 R Gary Dahms REDWOOD FALLS
State Senate 16 DFL James Kanne FRANKLIN
State Senate 17 R Andrew Lang OLIVIA
State Senate 17 DFL Lyle Koenen CLARA CITY
State Senate 18 R Scott J Newman HUTCHINSON
State Senate 18 DFL Amy Wilde DASSEL
State Senate 19 R Willa Dailey MANKATO
State Senate 19 DFL Nick Frentz MANKATO
State Senate 20 R Rich Draheim MADISON LAKE
State Senate 20 DFL Kevin L. Dahle NORTHFIELD
State Senate 21 R Mike Goggin RED WING
State Senate 21 DFL Matt Schmit RED WING
State Senate 22 R Bill Weber LUVERNE
State Senate 22 DFL Brian Abrahamson LUVERNE
State Senate 23 R Julie Rosen VERNON CENTER
State Senate 23 DFL Barbara Ann Lake MAPLETON
State Senate 23 DFL John M. Lillis GOOD THUNDER
State Senate 24 R John Jasinski FARIBAULT
State Senate 24 DFL Rich Bailey FARIBAULT
State Senate 24 DFL Vicki Jensen OWATONNA
State Senate 25 R David H. Senjem ROCHESTER
State Senate 25 DFL Dale Amorosia BYRON
State Senate 26 R Carla Nelson ROCHESTER
State Senate 26 DFL Rich Wright ROCHESTER
State Senate 27 R Gene Dornink HAYFIELD
State Senate 27 R Cynthia Gail ALBERT LEA
State Senate 27 DFL Dan Sparks AUSTIN
State Senate 28 R Jeremy Miller WINONA
State Senate 28 DFL Jon Pieper LANESBORO
State Senate 29 R Bruce Anderson BUFFALO
State Senate 29 DFL Janice Holter Kittok BUFFALO
State Senate 30 R Mary Kiffmeyer BIG LAKE
State Senate 30 DFL P.J. LaCroix BIG LAKE
State Senate 31 R Michelle Benson HAM LAKE
State Senate 31 DFL Ricky Englund BETHEL
State Senate 32 R Mark Koran STACY
State Senate 32 R Sean Nienow CAMBRIDGE
State Senate 32 DFL Tim Nelson STACY
State Senate 33 R David Osmek MOUND
State Senate 33 DFL Sherrie Pugh MOUND
State Senate 34 R Warren Limmer MAPLE GROVE
State Senate 34 DFL Bonnie Westlin MAPLE GROVE
State Senate 35 R Jim Abeler ANOKA
State Senate 35 DFL Roger Johnson COON RAPIDS
State Senate 36 R Jeffrey Lunde BROOKLYN PARK
State Senate 36 DFL John Hoffman CHAMPLIN
State Senate 37 R Brad Sanford BLAINE
State Senate 37 DFL Jerry Newton COON RAPIDS
State Senate 38 R Roger Chamberlain LINO LAKES
State Senate 38 DFL Pat Davern CIRCLE PINES
State Senate 39 R Karin Housley FOREST LAKE
State Senate 39 DFL Sten Hakanson STILLWATER
State Senate 40 R Robert Marvin BROOKLYN CENTER
State Senate 40 DFL Chris Eaton BROOKLYN CENTER
State Senate 41 R Gary R. Johnson COLUMBIA HEIGHTS
State Senate 41 DFL Carolyn Laine COLUMBIA HEIGHTS
State Senate 42 R Candy Sina SHOREVIEW
State Senate 42 DFL Jason Ike Isaacson SHOREVIEW
State Senate 43 R Bob Zick NORTH ST. PAUL
State Senate 43 DFL Charles Chuck Wiger MAPLEWOOD
State Senate 44 R Paul Anderson PLYMOUTH
State Senate 44 DFL Deb Calvert MINNETONKA
State Senate 45 R Roxana Bruins CRYSTAL
State Senate 45 DFL Ann H. Rest NEW HOPE
State Senate 46 DFL Ron Latz GOLDEN VALLEY
State Senate 47 R Scott Jensen CHASKA
State Senate 47 DFL Darryl Scarborough CHASKA
State Senate 48 R David Hann EDEN PRAIRIE
State Senate 48 DFL Steve Cwodzinski EDEN PRAIRIE
State Senate 49 R Mike Lehmann BLOOMINGTON
State Senate 49 DFL Melisa Franzen EDINA
State Senate 50 R Kirsten Johnson RICHFIELD
State Senate 50 DFL Melissa Halvorson Wiklund BLOOMINGTON
State Senate 51 R Victor Lake BURNSVILLE
State Senate 51 DFL Jim Carlson EAGAN
State Senate 52 R Mark Misukanis MENDOTA HEIGHTS
State Senate 52 DFL Matt Klein MENDOTA HEIGHTS
State Senate 52 DFL Todd Podgorski SO. ST PAUL
State Senate 53 R Bill Dahn LANDFALL
State Senate 53 R Sharna Wahlgren WOODBURY
State Senate 53 DFL Susan Kent WOODBURY
State Senate 54 R Leilani Holmstadt COTTAGE GROVE
State Senate 54 DFL Dan Schoen ST PAUL
State Senate 55 R Eric Pratt PRIOR LAKE
State Senate 55 DFL Ali C. Ali SHAKOPEE
State Senate 56 R Dan Hall BURNSVILLE
State Senate 56 DFL Phillip M. Sterner BURNSVILLE
State Senate 57 R Cory Campbell APPLE VALLEY
State Senate 57 DFL Greg Clausen APPLE VALLEY
State Senate 58 R Tim Pitcher FARMINGTON
State Senate 58 DFL Matt Little LAKEVILLE
State Senate 59 R Jennifer Carnahan MINNEAPOLIS
State Senate 59 DFL Bobby Joe Champion MINNEAPOLIS
State Senate 59 DFL Patwin Lawrence MINNEAPOLIS
State Senate 60 DFL Kari Dziedzic MPLS
State Senate 61 R Bob Again Carney MPLS
State Senate 61 DFL Scott Dibble MINNEAPOLIS
State Senate 62 R Bruce Lundeen MINNEAPOLIS
State Senate 62 DFL Mohamoud Hassan MPLS
State Senate 62 DFL Jeff Hayden MPLS
State Senate 63 R Ron Moey MINNEAPOLIS
State Senate 63 DFL Patricia Torres Ray MINNEAPOLIS
State Senate 64 R Sharon Anderson ST. PAUL
State Senate 64 R Ian Baird ST. PAUL
State Senate 64 DFL Dick Cohen ST PAUL
State Senate 65 R Jason Delmont SAINT PAUL
State Senate 65 DFL Sandy Pappas ST PAUL
State Senate 66 R Carolyn Jass ROSEVILLE
State Senate 66 DFL John Marty ROSEVILLE
State Senate 67 R Krysia Weidell ST PAUL
State Senate 67 DFL Foung Hawj ST. PAUL