Warning! Gun Control Hearings underway in Austin!

If there is one thing Texans are clear on it's our right to keep an bear arms. Even though we have had to endure a governmental licensing and registration scheme to exercise our rights we have been moving towards better gun rights in Texas. We recently saw an expansion of where and how gun owners are allowed to protect themselves with the passage of Campus Carry and Open Carry laws. Unfortunately, if politicians in Austin have their way our gun rights could be set back 30 years or more.

After the tragic events at Santa Fe High school this year the usual cries to "do something" even have politicians that normally support our second amendment rights scrambling to consider new gun control laws. Unfortunately, Governor Greg Abbott has called for a series of hearings to discuss new gun control laws such as mandatory lock up of firearms at home and even onerous "red flag" laws where virtually anyone that doesn't like you owning a gun including your kid's teachers or a doctor can demand the courts have your firearms removed without being found guilty of a single crime.

We wish this was merely talk or a "head fake" to appease anti gun groups out there like Moms Demand Action and Every town. Unfortunately it isn't, The worst anti gun activist groups were invited by Governor Abbott to round table discussions with legislators with the aim of crafting new laws to restrict law abiding gun owners. Inviting these foxes to the henhouse can only end up with bad laws and less freedom for gun owners. Worse yet, groups that are the hardest fighters for the second amendment like Gun Owners of America and National Association for Gun Rights were kept out of the hearings!

One of the most dangerous topics of discussion will be Tuesday July 24th in Austin at 9am. There will be a Senate hearing to examine "the merits of Extreme Risk Protective Orders, or “Red Flag” laws" "for seeking a temporary removal of firearms from a person". This is in accordance with the 40 page plan that Governor Abbott recently published and said he would consider calling a special session to implement these laws!

If that happens, outgoing anti gun Speaker of the House Joe Straus would get to control all gun control bills every step of the way. We just can't risk opening up the legislature to passing more gun control laws. If you are able to, please make plans to attend this hearing and register to speak against any more gun control schemes. You can see the notice with details by clicking here.

If you cannot make it please consider contacting your state representative and state senator as well as Governor Abbott at 512-463-2000 to tell them no special session for gun control laws. Stayed tuned for more announcements!

Take a moment to sign the petition to Stope the Texas Gun Control Plan by clicking here!

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