Wyoming Turncoats Show The Battle Is Not Over

The Wyoming House is maneuvering to "slip" Medicaid expansion into their supplemental budget bill, and I need your help TODAY to stop it!

The outcry of opposition from you and me caused them to vote it down a couple of weeks ago, but now they’re using sleight of hand tricks when they think you aren’t looking.

This is more proof of their lack of sincerity to rein in spending at both the federal and state level.

I need you to contact your state representative TODAY to stop this trickery.  It’s critical you demand they stand firm and vote NO on ObamaCare expansion.

Click here to find your representative.

As you know, ObamaCare tried to bribe the states into expanding their Medicaid entitlements to include young, able-bodied individuals who earn less than 138% of the poverty level.

The federal government would only cover the majority of the increased costs for “newly eligible” recipients until 2016, after which the states would begin to absorb a significant portion of the increase.

But Wyoming will be expected to spend millions in administrative expenses from the moment the state expands the program.

And soon, the federal government will reduce the reimbursement rate significantly, leaving our state with the obligation to dole out an even greater portion of the tab.

Governor Mead and other ObamaCare enthusiasts in the state want all that “free” federal money so badly, they’re trying to fool you by hiding the expansion in the supplemental budget as an amendment.

They’re completely ignoring the fact that expanding will severely increase the costs paid by Wyoming taxpayers.

Many states are experiencing far greater numbers of enrollees into Medicaid than was predicted and are already having to revamp their new programs as a result.

We simply cannot afford this budget-busting burden!

Wyoming already has a budget shortfall of 217.6 million dollars.

And there’s no guarantee it won’t drop further.

That means funding Wyoming’s existing government programs just got significantly harder.

Our legislators should not be supporting an unaffordable law that is destroying America’s health care system and trampling on our rights.

Their reckless scheme will lead to higher taxes and lower quality medical care.

The federal government is not a well-meaning, charitable figure - everything comes with strings attached, and Wyoming will still be forced to jump through the federal government’s hoops.

This has to be stopped.

It’s CRITICAL you contact your state representative TODAY and demand they STAND FIRM and vote against any and all proposals to expand Medicaid in the supplemental budget bill.

The vote could happen TODAY.

Click here to find your representative.

With enough grassroots pressure, we may be able to stop Wyoming legislators from hiding this in the budget.

So after you’ve contacted your legislators, please ask your friends and family to do the same.

Wyoming legislators return from a long holiday weekend today, and they’re hoping their constituents aren’t watching.

Let them know you’re still watching and you expect them to oppose and vote NO on Medicaid expansion.

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