Leadership Training Class coming to Dallas & Fort Worth

Texas C4L is hosting our one day political leadership class again, this time in Dallas on Saturday October 18th and in Fort Worth Sunday the 19th. This class is crucial to give you the tools you need to fight against bad legislation and Liberty [...]

Political leadership training classes coming to The Woodlands and Round Rock

Do you know how to work the legislature, or are you going to be worked over by the legislature...again? I am confident that you understand the power of ideas.  But good ideas are not worth anything if they are not put into action. If you [...]

Williamson County C4L goes after Round Rock Ticket Cameras

Williamson County Campaign For Liberty is urging residents to contact Round Rock city council and mayor to turn off the dangerous and unconstitutional red light cameras. Texas C4L recently exposed the fact that injuries and fatalities have [...]

One Day Political Activist Class coming to Houston and Beaumont!

You need to be at this class! We will also be looking for leaders to step up to help grow our groups. Details are below. Do you know how to work the legislature, or are you going to be worked over by the legislature... again? I am confident [...]

Internet Sales Tax Petition turned in!

I feel privileged to have presented YOUR petition to several Texas Congressmen who think you don't pay enough in taxes! With your help we got over 3400 signatures on our "no internet sales tax" petition! I personally delivered thousands [...]

Texas C4L Fights for Gun Rights

Texas Campaign For Liberty has launched it's petition to support passage of a Constitutional Carry bill in Texas. You may have thought Texas was one of the states with the most freedoms concerning gun laws, but did you know Texas is one of only 5 [...]

Thanks but no Tanks Texas!

Texas Campaign For Liberty is helping you fight back against the over militarization of our local police departments. This alarming trend makes our police departments look more like private armies instead of civilian police forces. The latest [...]

Montgomery County C4L turns in anti drone petition

Another victory for Texas Campaign For Liberty. Montgomery County Coordinator, Kelli Cook, turned in hundreds of petitions from county residents demanding they discontinue the dangerous and unconstitutional drone spying program. Despite [...]

It's candidate survey time again!

As you probably already know one of Campaign For Liberty's biggest projects is the annual survey sent out to candidates where we try to pin slippery politicians down on liberty issues. These surveys have been mailed out and the deadline has [...]

Sign the petition to stop the Internet Sales Tax bill!

If you have been keeping up with Campaign For Liberty issues you know how bad the so called "market place fairness act" bill is and why we need to stop it! It imposes unnecessary burdens on small businesses, creates a massive new tax increase on [...]