Liberty NewsWire: June 29, 2012

Congressional leaders decided to roll the transportation and student loan legislation into a single bill because, in the short term, they were both being paid in part by changes in pension laws.Congressional bargainers reached an agreement [...]

Join the CRUSADE OF CHOCOLATE CONSERVATIVES today! You want a lifetime of Obamacare Death Panels? just vote your conscious

Anybody can join but unless you are an ELITE SCUMBAG already you only get to be a Junior CHOCOLATE CONSERVATIVE CRUSADER which still gives you the right to melt down in front of everyone to reveal your character as a wannbe ELITE SCUMBAGER! You [...]

Intern with Campaign for Liberty this Fall!

Campaign for Liberty is looking for dedicated, liberty-minded high school or college students to intern for our fall semester (August 20 - December 14).The responsibilities of this paid internship include answering phones, handling [...]

Strain in your body

2, drawing your ex hard nips. The end in your jaws, tongue licking nipple area, with respect to the circumstances involving the woman's pleasure, as well as nibble the actual areola with his the teeth. When the lady was sober, usually do not [...]

Supreme Court Upholds ObamaCare

In a 5-4 ruling, the Supreme Court decided the individual mandate was constitutional under Congress's power to tax.Chief Justice Roberts, a Bush appointee, was the swing vote on the court, deciding that Congress did not have the authority to [...]

Price Controls, Bubbles, and Insanity

 In 2002, Paul Krugman said, "To fight this recession the Fed needs more than a snapback; it needs soaring household spending to offset moribund business investment. And to do that, as Paul McCulley of Pimco put it, Alan Greenspan needs [...]

Reclaiming the moral high ground

This article is right: we need to strengthen our pitch on the basis of morality in order to better counteract our opponents' claims that our values are purely selfish, because the devolution of our culture is turning everything into matters [...]

Silence from Conservatives regarding Roberts, thought he was Conservative but got conned: he's an ELITIST

     Surprise that Justice Roberts of SCOTUS sided with socalled liberals to pass Obamacare. It is surprising but when push comes to shove the labels "liberal" or "conservative" don't apply. What [...]

Obamacare:looks like the SCOTUS rewrote the law for Obama, arguing it is OK as a tax, but not OK under Commerce Clause

     So the SCOTUS says it is a tax on all Americans which is constitutional according to them and that is the only thing that saved Obamacare, calling it a tax. When Obama himself argued all along it was not a tax and in the [...]

CAFR's Return on Investment and Enterprise income have enough funding available to cover tax income shortfall for any and every state

     Both political parties practice the "Silence is Golden" rule regarding any discussion of CAFR's. All the while the politicians swear that austerity is how to fix the problem they fail to mention the $8trillion in [...]