The Free Market Rights Itself

Three years after being rescued by a taxpayer bailout, General Motors (GM) last week announced some rather ambitious profit targets for 2012. But even if it meets these targets -- a big if -- taxpayers should not wait on one foot to recover their [...]

Canadian Dad Arrested, Strip-Searched After 4 yr. old Daughter Draws a Picture of a Gun in School

Dear Readers, Seems like government nannyism is alive and well both in Amerika and our neighbors to the north, Canada. Thoughts and crayon pictures are now the province of the government ‘watchers’—which is what teachers are [...]

Taxation: The great distraction

It is disturbing to see the amount of focus tax reform is currently receiving.A clear picture of what is really wrong with the economy can be demonstrated by comparing The US economy with that which most closely resembles it: AustraliaBoth [...]

Tricky Thing About Fairness

Yet another example of Thomas Sowell's wisdom. In this article, he quite eloquently points out the nuances of "fairness." I particularly like this for its ability to use logical arguments to persuade the point. Read here.

Wrote to Congressman

Just wrote to Congressman Tim Scott of SC.  Thank you Campaign for Liberty for facilitating this.

We Can See the Coming Failure of ObamaCare in Massachusetts

The Supreme Court will be holding oral arguments on the constitutionality of ObamaCare next month.  However the Court rules, the next president and Congress will have to confront the legislation with one last chance to change it before the [...]

How do we discredit the mainstream media?

I would hope most free minded americans know the difference,between news and entertainment.But lately,I am wondering if the dumbing down programs of the U.S.A.Goverment have taken effect,and cannot be reversed.The media's bias has been a [...]


Every day in the prison, I see inmates socializing, laughing, trying to speak in code around staff, because they think we don't know what they're saying, but we do.  We just don't care.  They make deals, they arrange [...]

Do Your Candidates Support Liberty?

Can you depend on common sense from the government?Consider the following headlines from recently reported events:·      Police shut down lemonade stand run by two little girls·      [...]

What Made the Great Depression "Great"

The Stock Market Crash of 1929 began the long plunge into the Great Depression. Previous economic depressions had usually lasted no more than three years, so why did this one last so long?Historians often denounce President Herbert Hoover for [...]