The USA Freedom Act: A Step in the Right Direction

By: Michael Clayton Seemingly lost in the fold because of all the mess regarding Obamacare, last week, lawmakers introduced legislation to curtail the National Security Agency’s overreaching phone record collection program. The USA Freedom [...]

The Definitive Guide to How Obamacare is Destroying American Lives

Blogger Matt Walsh asked people to submit examples to him of how Obamacare was affecting them. The responses show that Obamacare is a disaster for many Americans. Obamacare has raised prices for health insurance and health care, caused [...]

Audit the Fed: The Time Has Come

By: Michael Clayton With Sen. Rand Paul announcing his intention to place a hold on the nomination of Janet Yellen to be the new Federal Reserve Chairman unless he gets a vote on his Audit the Fed bill, the moment we have been waiting for may [...]

Deadline Approaching for Spring Internships!

Have you ever wanted to work for liberty but weren't sure how to get your foot in the door on the national level? Well, Campaign for Liberty is looking for dedicated, liberty-minded high school or college students to intern for our spring [...]

Senator Paul Demands Answers

Amid reports the NSA may have spied on the Pope and the Vatican conclave, this afternoon, Senator Paul introduced a resolution in the Senate demanding President Obama provide an explanation. The Senator appeared on Fox News to discuss his [...]

Senator Rand Paul places hold on Janet Yellen nomination

Tonight, Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky) informed Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid that he "will object to any unanimous consent agreement or the waiver of any rule with respect to the nomination of Dr. Yellen" unless "Audit the Fed" (S.209) is brought [...]

A Welcome US/Saudi Reset

Here is Campaign for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk on Saudi Arabia's unhappiness with the US for not launching an unconstitutional war in Syria. Under Dr. Paul's leadership, Campaign for Liberty will continue to oppose all [...]