Long Past Time

On Thursday, Senator Rand Paul introduced an amendment to repeal the authorization of the use of force in Iraq that has been in place since 2003.Senator Paul's press release is below:WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today in the U.S. Senate, [...]

Taxation is Theft!

"Shared Sacrifice" "Tax the Rich"These sound like common sense slogans, right?  Who could argue against Americans all being "in this together" and everyone needing to contribute their "fair [...]

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Jon Leibowitz Hearing, Food Freedom and the First Amendment

 On Tuesday, November 15, the Senate Commerce Committee will hold a full committee hearing on the nomination of Jon Leibowitz  to be Federal Trade Commissioner.  Mr. Leibowitz’s nomination is for reappointment as FTC [...]

This Week on Capitol Hill

This week, the House will be voting on a "clean" Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution.  The "clean" version is a stripped-down BBA that once passed the House in 1995.  Unfortunately, it also has no [...]

Liberty NewsWire - November 14, 2011

The justices will hear arguments on the health care law in March; they are expected to rule by the end of the current term, which normally comes in late June. - USA TodaySupreme Court Sets Date for ObamaCare Hearing - USA TodayEU Bans X-Ray [...]

Liberty NewsWire: November 17, 2011

"We are safer today, but not because of TSA," Mica said. "It's because the American people will not allow an aircraft to be taken over. We saw on Flight 93, and almost every instance of a successful thwarting since, it's [...]

Liberty NewsWire - November 16, 2011

The Treasury Department said Wednesday that federal debt now tops $15 trillion — a staggering figure that has risen precipitously over the last decade. - The Washington TimesDebt Surpasses $15 Trillion - The Washington TimesU.S. Sending [...]

Liberty NewsWire - November 15, 2011

“I hear they have the votes, Larry!! Simply amazing,” Kagan said to Tribe in one of the emails. - CNSNews.comKagan Cheered ObamaCare Passage - CNSNews.comSpending Deal Taking Shape on Hill - PoliticoConcealed Carry Language Cut [...]

HHS wants your private medical information

Congressman Huelskamp recently wrote a letter signed by over 50 Republicans to Chairman Rogers and Chairman Rehberg of the the House Appropriations Committee asking that attempts by Health and Human Services (HHS)  to create a national [...]

Why Are We Defending the Europeans?

The Obama administration has been celebrating its grand victory in Libya, but I keep wondering:  why couldn't Europe deal with a tinpot dictator a short boat-ride away?  After all, the Europeans have a collective GDP and population [...]