LPAC 2011: Ron Paul - Pt. 4

Congressman Ron Paul speaks at LPAC 2011.

LPAC 2011: Ron Paul - Pt. 2

Congressman Ron Paul speaks at LPAC 2011.

Vince Vaughn & Ron Paul at LPAC 2011

Vince Vaughn introduces Congressman Ron Paul to the crowd at LPAC 2011!

Susie Castillo, Miss USA '03 Discusses TSA with Lou Dobbs

Susie Castillo, Miss USA 2003, joins Lou Dobbs to discuss her personal experience with the TSA and to reflect on accounts from disgruntled travelers across the country.

Ron Paul vs Bernanke: Is Gold Money? - July 13, 2011

July 13, 2011 - Congressman Ron Paul questions Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke in a US House Financial Services Committee Meeting shortly after reports surfaced that the Federal Reserve was preparing for a third round of quantitative [...]

LPAC 2011: Ron Paul - Pt. 3

Congressman Ron Paul speaks at LPAC 2011.

Peter Schiff on the Debt Ceiling: 07/28/11

Visit SchiffRadio.com for more analysis from Peter Schiff. The Peter Schiff Radio show is broadcast MF from 10am to 12pm ET. Peter Schiff's Bio: "Peter Schiff is one of the few non-biased investment advisors (not committed solely to the short [...]

LPAC 2011: Ron Paul - Pt. 1

Congressman Ron Paul speaks at LPAC 2011, along with Actor Vince Vaughn, Ron Paul Presidential Campaign Manager John Tate, and Campaign for Liberty Vice President Matt Hawes.

Jason Chaffetz: Airport Security Inefficiency - July 13, 2011

Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) gives his opening statement at the US House Oversight & Government Reform Subcommittee meeting on National Security. The meeting takes place in the wake of news that there have been over 25000 airport security [...]

Debt Ceiling Negotiations: Political Games

Howard Segermark is the former Economic Counsel to US Senator Jesse Helms (NC) and has worked on tax and monetary policy issues for the past 35 years. Howard remains active as a member of the Committee for Monetary Research and Education.