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Obama budget gets 2 votes in House!


Obama budget gets 2 votes in House!

The House defeated President Obama’s budget 2-413 yesterday. On the bright side for the president, this is two more votes than his budget received in either the House or the Senate in 2012. From The Washington Times:

Mr. Obama’s 2015 plan, which he submitted to Congress in March, only a month late, was met with even less interest than usual. Most of his tax and spending proposals are unlikely to gain traction on Capitol Hill, and even Democrats rejected the president’s call for higher discretionary spending, which would break the agreement the House and Senate reached in December. Mr. Obama signed that agreement into law.

Reps. Jim Moran of Virginia and Marcy Kaptur of Ohio were the two Democrats who backed Mr. Obama’s plan, which calls for higher spending and higher taxes every year for the next decade — though it still never reaches balance.

This week, Rep. Moran also complained that Congressmen are underpaid and called for them to receive a housing allowance.


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