Urgent: Senate to Vote on "Cybersecurity" Bill

Lame duck is in full swing, and Harry Reid has announced the Senate will force a vote before Thanksgiving on so-called "Cybersecurity" legislation.

Just before midnight last night, C4L President John Tate sent out an urgent message to supporters:

I just walked out of a meeting with some Senate insiders, and I'm still steaming mad at what I heard.

Members of both parties are scheming to ram through the so-called "Cybersecurity" Bill.

If passed, this scheme will virtually guarantee companies engage in more invasions of our privacy.

I know it's late, but I need you to call your senators first thing tomorrow morning and tell them you haven't fallen asleep just because the elections have come and gone.

You can find your senators contact information here, or reach them through the Congressional Switchboard at 202-224-3121.

Tell your senators to vote "NO" on any last-minute attempt to pass so-called "Cybersecurity" legislation!

This is just the first of numerous battles you and I must fight in this lame-duck session, but it is one of the utmost importance.

If Congress were to pass this ill-advised legislation, it'd mean even more collusion between Big Government and Big Business and spell the end for any notion of "privacy" that remains on the internet.

So please, take action today by calling your senators and urging them to vote "NO" on every vote regarding "Cybersecurity", including cloture.

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