"The Establishment's Stench"

The latest from C4L President John Tate:

The political establishment in BOTH parties in Washington, D.C. is doubling down, and the stench from their smoky backroom deals is getting stronger every day.

Earlier this year, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke announced a program of PERMANENT "Quantitative Easing" - a move virtually sure to help finish off the U.S. Dollar.

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner wants the President to be able to raise our nation's debt ceiling at will.

Now - desperate to avoid the so-called "fiscal cliff" - House Speaker John Boehner has already laid out an offer to President Obama to hike takes by a whopping $800 BILLION.

And just days ago, Speaker Boehner and the House GOP establishment stripped some of the strongest pro-limited government Members of the House - including Representative Justin Amash - of their Committee positions.

Representatives Amash and Huelskamp were removed from the Budget Committee, which happens to be chaired by Paul Ryan.

One has to be curious if we're witnessing a little payback, since both representatives opposed the Ryan budget.

Both men realize we have to address spending problems now - not wait decades to balance the budget.

What were the reasons given for Boehner's "purge"?

Not voting with Republican leadership enough. In other words, being "too principled" and actually believing in the talking points GOP candidates do their best to mouth on the campaign trail.

The message is clear.

Speaker Boehner is determined to cut a deal with President Obama to hike taxes and keep spending skyrocketing.

And rank-and-file House Republicans better get in line. Or else.

Forget demanding spending cuts.

Forget drawing a line in the sand and saying "NO" to economically destructive new taxes.

Our nation is over $16.3 TRILLION in debt, but that has nothing to do with wasteful politicians.

It's the fault of "selfish" people like you who don't hand over every red cent to Big Government bureaucrats in their mad rush to destroy every last memory of free markets in our country.

That's what the statists want you to believe.

Only to a politician could people who want to keep the fruits of their labor be considered "greedy," while those who would effectively STEAL those fruits be considered bighearted.

This fight is just beginning, of course.

But as you and I get closer to the holidays, it gets ever more dangerous.

Politicians think you and I aren't paying attention.

And the statists can hardly contain their excitement at RAMMING through a massive deal with President Obama to hike our taxes and earn praise from Big Government mouthpieces like the New York Times.

In fact, just thinking about it puts tears in Speaker Boehner's eyes.

That's why you and I are going to have to be more vigilant than ever.

I'll keep you updated on new developments in this fight over the next few weeks.

There will be many. And this fight will move fast.

Please be ready to take action. Grassroots citizens like you can derail the establishment's schemes.

But only if we're ready to show Washington, D.C. we mean business.

You can start today by calling John Boehner's office at(202) 225-6205 to demand he reinstate the members he "purged" to their committees.

In Liberty,

John Tate

P.S. Speaker John Boehner just announced his $800 billion tax hike plan and removed some of the most pro-limited government representatives from key legislative positions in a threat to ensure House Members follow his lead to hike taxes.

You and I are going to have to be ready to respond at a moment's notice against further compromises in the coming weeks.

If you can, please chip in $10 or $25 to help Campaign for Liberty FIGHT BACK against these Big Government schemes.

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