This will help drain the swamp

The 2018 Illinois primary is now just weeks away.

And the threat of a bunch of swamp-dwelling politicians re-infesting government at all levels is hard to overstate.

In fact, Big Government-loving politicians and their special interest pals probably think they already have the elections all wrapped up.

But you and I CAN drain the swamp in D.C. this year.

It’s true that many politicians have gotten comfortable regurgitating inane talking points and safely winning re-election year after year.

They count on you to forget their voting records and put party “loyalty” over principle, while expecting you will give them your vote without question -- if you vote at all.

“Party over principle” and voter apathy have led to loss of liberty, and it’s time to put an end to this destructive cycle.

But how do we go about interrupting this cycle?

We must force candidates out of their comfort zones by demanding real answers to important liberty questions rather than letting politicians parrot meaningless talking points.

We must learn where candidates stand on important issues so we are prepared for the legislative season.

And we must open the lines of communication between you and your would-be lawmakers now so they will be expecting you to keep a watchful eye on them later.

That’s why Campaign for Liberty is working on a survey program to put candidates for federal office on the record on important liberty issues.

You can view the list of questions and primary candidates here.

As we work toward liberty, it is imperative to have current and potential legislators on record concerning constitutional issues.

Many candidates will not want to go on record with their position on issues that are important to you. They would prefer to stick to their tired talking points, and they will ignore our survey unless you -- their potential constituents -- provide a little inspiration.

If candidates can’t answer basic liberty questions, they certainly can’t be trusted to vote correctly if elected.

So please call or visit the candidates in your area and ask them to complete and send in their Campaign for Liberty survey.

Their deadline to answer is January 17, and results will be posted shortly after the deadline.

Politicians prefer to travel the path of least resistance. By applying enough pressure, you and I can force them on the record on key liberty issues.

Please consider chipping in $10 or $20 to help Campaign for Liberty continue to fight against Big Government in Washington, D.C.

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