$217.6 Million Shortfall

$217.6 million. . .

That’s how far the state’s Consensus Revenue Estimating Group had to reduce its general revenue estimates due to falling energy prices.

And there’s no guarantee it won’t drop further.

That means funding Wyoming’s existing government programs just got significantly harder.

Yet Governor Mead and Wyoming legislators are STILL talking about bringing ObamaCare expansion to our state.

Click here to sign the petition opposing ObamaCare expansion in Wyoming.

ObamaCare attempts to lure states into expanding their Medicaid programs by promising to pay certain associated costs for a couple of years.

But some legislators are claiming the federal government will pick up the entire tab for expansion, with no added costs to the state.

That isn’t true.

Wyoming will be expected to spend millions in administrative expenses from the moment the state expands the program.

And soon, the federal government will reduce the reimbursement rate significantly, leaving our state with the obligation to dole out an even greater portion of the tab.

But the Supreme Court struck down the unaffordable ObamaCare expansion mandate and made it optional.

So just why are Governor Mead and Republicans in the legislature choosing to actively support a law we can’t afford that is destroying America’s health care system and trampling on our rights?

Please click here to sign the petition right away!

Opting to expand Medicaid in Wyoming will not lead to the defeat of ObamaCare.

In fact, if Governor Mead and ObamaCare supporters in the legislature get their way, it’ll be that much harder to get rid of ObamaCare for good.

The truth is, Governor Mead and our state legislators are so determined to get their hands on all those “free” federal millions, they’re willing to ignore the fact that ObamaCare expansion will severely increase the costs paid by Wyoming taxpayers.

Plunging oil prices are already wreaking havoc on Wyoming’s budgetary obligations

And adopting the optional ObamaCare expansion will only add to the state’s budget woes.

That’s why I need you to click here to sign the petition opposing ObamaCare expansion in Wyoming.

This destructive scheme will cause irreparable harm to Wyoming health care and taxpayers like you and me.

You’ll be forced to jump through President Obama’s hoops and health care will be rationed – everything will be doled out by Obama’s bureaucrats in Washington, D.C.

Access to Medicaid does not guarantee access to medical care anyway.

An increasing number of doctors – tired of dealing with the bureaucracy and its low reimbursement rates – are refusing to treat Medicaid patients, and the number is growing daily.

And the more Medicaid expands, the worse it is going to get.

For all these reasons – and more – Wyoming should refuse ObamaCare expansion.

Please take action right away, and ask your friends and family to do the same.

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