Airstrikes in Iraq: Remember that Thing Called Congress?

Guest Post By: Jake Tate

“President Obama has authorized airstrikes in Iraq.” Does anyone else see something wrong with that headline? Not “The United States Government has…” or “With the approval of Congress the President has…” No. The headlines have always told us that Obama is doing this, that, and the other thing on his own, as if he holds all of the power. This most recent flaunt of his scepter shows blatant disregard for the constitution, which clearly states that congress must approve an act of war. This headline would baffle the founding fathers! How can the President authorize such a thing? Well, he can’t. Or at least he is not supposed to. Nobody seems to have a say in what goes on except Mr. Obama himself. That is not how this country was set up, and that is not behavior that should be tolerated by congress, by government officials, or by you, the law abiding citizen!

It has been said that the military action may be so narrowly performed that no congressional approval is required. But you do not think that an airstrike from the largest military in the world could be possibly escalate into a war worthy of congressional approval? If congress does not have to approve this strike, do you think the President will ask them to approve a larger one later on? Of course not. The power has not been granted to him per se, but by standing by while he usurps the authority of his office, the same effect has taken form. As a caring citizen and a lover of liberty, I am calling for an end to the unlimited power that Mr. President thinks has been bestowed upon him. I for one would like to see a halt to his usurpation of power, especially when human lives are at stake.

Jake Tate, the son of C4L President John Tate, is a junior at Mount St. Mary's in Emitsburg, Md and is a YAL chapter head.

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