This is a BIG Deal, Tennessee!

I have some exciting news!

While Campaign for Liberty continues to push for passage of Audit the Fed, there is something you can do RIGHT NOW to help end the Federal Reserve’s money monopoly!

Tennessee Campaign for Liberty is working with State Representative Rick Eldridge and Senator Steve Southerland to legalize competing currencies in our state.

Tennessee’s Legal Tender Act (HB 1323 / SB 978), which would recognize precious metals as money, was just introduced in the state legislature.

This bill will go a long way in helping Campaign for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul put an end to the Federal Reserve’s monopoly on money.

Not only that, but Tennessee currently burdens you with sales and other taxes if you buy precious metals.

But since money itself is not taxed, it only stands to reason you should not be taxed when you trade one currency for another.

The Legal Tender Act would end this unjust taxation!

But I need your help to push the bill through the state House and Senate.

Click here to sign your petition demanding your state legislators actively support and vote “YES” on The Legal Tender Act.

Auditing the Fed is just one of several necessary steps to returning America to sound financial footing.

The Legal Tender Act would ensure a smoother transition from the Fed’s fiat currency by allowing a competing currency and legalizing gold as money again.

And precious metals can help protect you against the continued devaluation of Federal Reserve Notes (also known as “dollars”).

The “increase” you see in the value of your gold or silver is actually a result of the Federal Reserve printing and flooding the marketplace with more dollars.

This flood of new dollars causes a decline in the purchasing power of the dollar, or “inflation.”

At times of serious inflation, it appears your gold is worth more money, but it still has the same purchasing power as it did before.

By recognizing precious metals as legal tender, Tennessee legislators will help ensure you are able to survive the next inevitable recession caused by the Federal Reserve.

But you and I only have a short time to force it through the state legislature and onto the governor’s desk.

That’s why I need you to sign your petition right away demanding your state legislators actively support and vote “YES” on The Legal Tender Act.

The Legal Tender Act takes a major step toward ending the Federal Reserve’s monopoly on money, a very important issue for Campaign for Liberty.

It does so by ensuring you aren’t punished for choosing to invest in one currency (precious metals) over another (dollar bills).

The Legal Tender Act would allow you to protect yourself, your family, and your business from the ill effects of Federal Reserve policy.

The use of fiat money is finally coming to its invaluable and unavoidable end.

By passing The Legal Tender Act, Tennessee legislators would ensure you have the ability to protect yourself from the reckless actions of Congress and the Federal Reserve.

So please sign your petition right away demanding your state legislators actively support and vote “YES” on The Legal Tender Act.

And please chip in a donation of $50, $30, or $10 to help Tennessee Campaign for Liberty mobilize the grassroots on this very important issue.

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