Campaign for Liberty strives to become a leading grassroots lobby at the national, state, and local level.  The social networking tools that we provide are just that—tools.  They are tools for activists to connect with other activists in their area, to spread information, to run successful events, to lobby politicians, and to examine candidates.

Clearly, it is important that our members and guest users represent the organization with dignity.  We have therefore established guidelines for all user-created content.  In some situations, violations of these guidelines may result in a written warning and an edit or removal of the offending content.  In other situations, your content posting abilities may be revoked.  The decision is made at the sole discretion of Campaign for Liberty staff.

1. Obscene language is not allowed.  We reserve the right to decide what constitutes obscenity, hate speech, or the like on our website.  Campaign for Liberty opposes legislation on obscenity and hate speech but we have a right to maintain this policy for our website.  Sensitive topics concerning race are not off-limits but should be handled delicately.

2. Personal attacks on our members are not allowed.  If you have a disagreement, attack the argument, not the speaker.  It is OK to say "so-and-so didn't show up for the phone bank," but not "so-and-so is an idiot."

3. The calendar feature is for Campaign for Liberty events only.  Use it to schedule meetings, rallies, fund-raisers, discussion groups, political party meetings and conventions, and the like.  Do not use it to promote your band's next show or the kegger at Bob's next weekend.

4. Members are solely responsible for crediting the source of any posted material to this website.  Plagiarism by members is not acceptable and will result in a written warning and an edit or removal of the content.

5. CampaignforLiberty.org exists to inform and mobilize activists, not to showcase advertisements. We discourage the repeated use of your weblog for advertising.

Campaign for Liberty reserves the right to remove material for any other reason if it is determined to countervail the goals of Campaign For Liberty.

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