Is Dan Patrick Trying to Kill Constitutional Carry?

For the first time, Constitutional Carry went to a floor vote in the Texas house and passed! If this bill becomes law Texans will no longer have to beg for a permission slip from the government to exercise their most basic right to defend themselves. However, this good news that Texas may join the 20 other states with constitutional carry stopped at the door of Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick. Patrick has declared "we don't have the votes on the floor to pass it".

The Texas Senate is controlled by Dan Patrick. He dictates what goes to committee and for a vote and what doesn't. It seems that the rumors that Dan Patrick ginned up opposition from fringe big city police chiefs to justify HIS opposition to the idea of Texans defending themselves without government permission. This isn't the first time we have heard this from him. He said the same thing when open carry passed in Texas.

I hope he is wrong again this time but without Liberty Loving Texans like you and me demanding Lt. Dan bring constitutional carry to the Senate floor for a vote he might get his way. That's why I am asking you to contact Dan Patrick at 512-463-0001 and tell his office you expect him to bring constitutional carry to a vote right away!

When you are done please contact your STATE Senator and tell them the same. (Your state Senator is not Ted Cruz or John Cornyn). You can look up your STATE Senator by going here. 

Let's all do our part to make sure we don't loose ground on Constitutional Carry and our historic progress of getting this bill out of the State House. Call Dan Patrick at 512-463-0001 right now and tell him to bring Constitutional Carry to a vote on the floor.

In Liberty,
Byron Schirmbeck
State Coordinator
Texas Campaign For Liberty

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