Governor Mead Stands FOR ObamaCare

Governor Matt Mead is NOT standing against ObamaCare in Wyoming.

In fact, he and his establishment friends are twisting arms in the Wyoming legislature, trying to force them to pass his “SHARE” plan.

He wants to fool you into thinking SHARE is not ObamaCare and will be a “special” Wyoming solution.

We’ve seen this very thing in states like Arkansas where so-called “conservatives” throw in a change or two and then call it a “private option.”

Don’t be fooled!

Medicaid expansion by ANY name is still ObamaCare.

It’s urgent you call Governor Mead at 307-777-7434 TODAY and demand he stand against ObamaCare.

Tell him to withdraw his SHARE proposal and actively oppose any legislation that attempts to expand Medicaid in Wyoming.

Governor Mead claims to oppose ObamaCare, but you and I both know that adopting ObamaCare expansion – in any form - will not lead to the defeat of ObamaCare.

ObamaCare’s chief salesman, Jonathan Gruber, thinks “the American people are too stupid to understand. . .”

Does Governor Mead agree with him?

Higher taxes, less freedom, more fraud, and lower quality medical care for Wyoming citizens. . . That’s what will happen if Governor Mead expands Medicaid.

And if he gets his way, it’ll be that much harder to get rid of ObamaCare for good.

If Wyoming accepts this rotten scheme, our Medicaid obligations could double by the year 2018.

This would be a disaster for our state’s fragile economy.

But ObamaCare apologists and insiders who think like Jonathan Gruber keep pushing Governor Mead to take all that “free” federal money and expand Medicaid.

Just because the federal government is pumping out the dollars does not mean this money is “free.”

This scheme will cost us billions by creating a new permanent dependency class, and they’ll either have to make huge cuts in spending or raise taxes to pay for it.

But if Governor Mead takes the ObamaCare expansion deal, higher taxes could be the least of your worries.

This scheme could mean the death of private health care in America.

But there’s good news - YOU have an opportunity to stop it.

Call Governor Mead at 307-777-7434 TODAY and demand he stop pushing ObamaCare expansion!

ObamaCare is designed to completely destroy private sector competition and force all Americans into a government-run system.

You see, ObamaCare required states to expand their Medicaid entitlements to include young, able-bodied individuals who earn less than 138% of the poverty level.

The federal government would only cover the majority of the increased costs for “newly eligible” recipients until 2016, after which the states will begin to absorb a significant portion of the increase.

Under the law, only the “newly eligible” qualify for the increased federal funding.

But what ObamaCare stooges are not telling you is tens-of-millions of individuals already qualify for Medicaid under existing regulations but have never enrolled in the program.

And since they do not qualify as “newly eligible,” the resulting cost for these recipients will be absorbed by the state - under the old federal reimbursement schedule.

But the Supreme Court found that the federal government could not force the states to expand.

So why is Governor Mead choosing to actively support a law that is destroying America’s health care system and trampling on our rights?

Medicaid already costs taxpayers half-a-trillion dollars a year.  Imagine how much that number will skyrocket once one in four Americans become eligible!

Aside from the costs and poor quality of Medicaid, the system is rampant with fraud and abuse.

And the more Medicaid expands, the worse it’s going to get.

In fact, ObamaCare expansion is estimated to cost taxpayers $60 billion per year in fraud alone.

Wyoming simply cannot afford this budget-busting burden.

Call Governor Mead at 307-777-7434 right away and tell him to stop assisting President Obama in this ill-conceived, unaffordable scheme.

Time is running short to stop this disaster from happening.  Please take action today.

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