Iowa's No Fly Drone Zone bill

Senator Kent Sorenson (R-Milo) introduced Senate File 276 (SF 276) at the Statehouse last Wednesday. The bill would place a moratorium on the use of drones by all state agencies in Iowa and strictly prohibit weaponized drone systems.


SF 276 has been referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee. It's imperative that this bill is scheduled for a hearing immediately.


Senator Robert Hogg (D-Cedar Rapids) is the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Without Senator Hogg scheduling a committee hearing on SF 276, the legislation will die for this session at the end of the week.


It's only a 1-page bill, similar to legislation that's already passed in Virginia.


At first, Senator Hogg said he didn't have time to consider the bill. But as more and more concerned Iowans began contacting him, he now seems open and possibly even supportive to drone legislation in Iowa. He may even wish to make the legislation stronger!!


If Iowans are to stand up to the drone menace, SF 276 must be heard and passed out of the Senate Judiciary committee by Wednesday!


The next 72 hours are critical in determining whether or not Iowans keep drones grounded, or whether we have spies in the skies over Iowa.


It is urgent that you contact Senator Hogg and tell him that the drone bill, Senate File 276, deserves nothing less than a full committee hearing.


Senator Robert Hogg (D- Cedar Rapids)


319.538.2247 (Cell)


For Liberty,


Dusty Juhl

Interim State Coordinator

Iowa Campaign for Liberty


P.S. Please contact Senator Hogg right away, and tell him that the single-page drone legislation deserves nothing less than a full committee hearing.

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