Liberty NewsWire - August 30, 2011

"A cynical, mercenary, demagogic press will in time produce a people as base as itself." - Joseph Pulitzer

Deadliest Month Yet for U.S. in Afghanistan - CBS News

After Irene, FEMA Facing a Disaster of Its Own - Funding - Washington Post

Federal Government Helps to Reimburse States for Irene Damage - Reuters

AU: Libya Rebels Killing Black Workers - CBS News

Help Libya?  Americans Say No Thanks - Politico

U.S. Calls for U.N. Pay to be Rescinded - Reuters

Congress Considers Limiting U.N. Aid if Statehood Granted - Daily Caller

Gold Rises in New York on Expectations Fed will Continue to Ease - Bloomberg

Gold, Bonds Jump as Wall St. Down on Weak Confidence - Reuters

Home Prices Rose Modestly in Second Quarter, Stil Below a Year Ago - NPR

Low Rates Mean Companies Choose Fixed Rates on Debt, Swap Less - WSJ

August Consumer Confidence Lowest in 2 Years - Reuters

Postal Service Paying Fewer Workers to do Nothing - Washington Post

Judge Blocks Alabama Immigration Law - The Washington Times

Obama Taps Alan Kreuger for White House Economist Post - CBS News

Members Getting a Jump Start on Jobs Messaging - Roll Call

Libya Leader Gives Gaddafi Forces Surrender Deadline - CBS News

No Sign that Gaddafi has Left Libya: White House - Reuters

China Announces Plan to Boost Secret Detention Powers - Reuters

Wikileaks Springs Leak: Sources Revealed - Politico

Is Barack Buddy Buffett Betting on Bank Bailout? - Washington Examiner

Cheney: Iraq War Did Not Hurt Reputation of U.S.; Was Sound Policy - NPR

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