Liberty NewsWire: January 23, 2012

Ryan Jerome, 28, was charged with criminal possession of his .45-caliber Ruger while visiting the famous New York landmark during a September vacation with his girlfriend. Jerome has a license to carry the weapon from his home state of Indiana, but New York's state gun laws do not recognize out-of-state permits.

With his case still pending, Jerome could face up to three and a half years in jail. - CNN

Gun Control:

CNN – New York Gun Law Triggers Confusion, Arrests for Visitors

New York Times - Police Working on Technology to Detect Concealed Guns

SOPA/PIPA/Internet Piracy:

USA Today - Government takedown of Megaupload leads to new fears

LA Times - Bloggers in China sound off on SOPA blackout

The Washington Post - Polish government debates stance on copyright treaty after Internet attacks

TechDirt - MPAA Directly & Publicly Threatens Politicians Who Aren't Corrupt Enough To Stay Bought

Patriot Act:

ZDNet - New European data laws to be announced on Wednesday: Facebook, Google face tough times


Politico - Rand Paul detained by TSA

Federal Reserve:

Business Insider – The Federal Reserve’s New Communication Policy Will Bring More Confusion Than Clarity


USA Today - Why doctors might be turning on 'ObamaCare'

Foreign Policy:

Chicago Tribune - Pakistan rejects U.S. report on NATO attack

Bloomberg - Stait of Hormuz Will Stay Open, U.S. NATO Ambassador Says

FoxNews - EU formally adopts Iran oil embargo

States' Rights:

LA Times – Supreme Court Rejects Texas Election Map that Favored Latinos

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