Sen. Paul's FEMA Funding Proposal

The latest press release from the office of Senator Rand Paul:

Sen. Paul Announces Proposal to Address Additional FEMA Funding

WASHINGTON, D.C. – With the Senate expected to address providing additional disaster aid funding to the Federal Emergency Management Agency in the next few weeks, Sen. Rand Paul has proposed a solution to addressing this need for added funds. Increasing federal funding to FEMA should be allocated without increasing our national debt – but rather through equal cuts in foreign spending.

“2011 has seen an innumerable amount of damage from disasters – including significant flooding in my home state of Kentucky. In order to address FEMA’s current commitments to communities, extra funds may be needed for these obligations. Most importantly, aid to Americans should be a priority over nation-building projects overseas. At a time of exponentially increasing national debt, borrowing more money is not an option we can afford to choose,” Sen. Paul said.

Providing the appropriate amount of disaster funds to FEMA from our foreign spending would still leave a higher foreign-spending budget than FEMA and American disaster relief.


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