UPDATED: House Vote on REINS Act

This afternoon, the House of Representatives will vote on H.R. 10, the Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny (REINS) Act, the House companion to Senator Paul's S. 299.

The REINS Act is a much-needed piece of legislation that would seek to restore Congress' perogative over creating laws by requiring a stand-alone, up-or-down vote and for the President to sign off on any regulation that would have an annual economic impact of more than $100 million -- before they can be enforced on the American people.

Holding Congress accountable for their actions is one of the most important tasks for grassroots activists.  Requiring Congress to publicly go on the record by roll call vote in support of job-killing, innovation stifling regulations is the first step towards reining in Washington's out-of-control regulatory regime.

If you have time today, please contact your Congressman by phone at 202-224-3121 and through the web and urge them to support H.R. 10, the REINS Act.

UPDATE: The House passed the REINS Act by a vote of 241-184. Now it's time for the Senate to act by passing S. 299!  Tell Harry Reid to file cloture on S. 299, reach him by phone at 202-224-3542 and by email if you live in NV.

Click here to see Senator Paul's statement on the House passing H.R. 10, the REINS Act.

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