You never want a serious crisis to go to waste

“You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.”

So says political thug Rahm Emmanuel -- Chicago Mayor, ObamaCare lover, and former Obama chief-of-staff.

Wyoming does have a serious crisis at hand -- revenue shortfalls in the BILLIONS of dollars coming down the pike that both Democratic and Republican leadership refused to address in a timely manner.

Wyoming legislators have kicked the can as far down the road as it can go.

And now they’re scheming to make the most of the crisis by hiking your taxes rather than ending their Big Government ways.

I don't know about you, but I believe legislators should stop searching for ways to increase your tax burden and instead slash the size of government and the bureaucracies it has created.

You and I simply must derail their plans to maintain the tax-and-spend status quo. . .

. . . and demand they CUT spending, IMPROVE the economy, and LIMIT government involvement in our lives!

This is why I created a "NO NEW TAXES" petition for you to sign.

Your signed "NO NEW TAXES" petition urges Wyoming legislators to immediately shut down any efforts to hike taxes.

At the same time, you and I MUST force them to permanently reduce the size and scope of state government spending.

So please click here to sign your "NO NEW TAXES" petition right away.

The Wyoming Association of Municipalities would love to have the opportunity to give cities and counties the option to tax you more.

As a matter of fact, they asked the Joint Revenue Interim Committee for over $105 MILLION to further their spending habit on November 18, 2016.

They’re not only using the energy crisis as an excuse to raise your taxes, but they’re also scheming to cover their big spending ways over the last several years!

The good news is you and I can thwart their Big Government plans and whittle down the size and scope of state government at the same time.

But you simply must take action right away.

Did you know Wyoming has the HIGHEST percentage of government employees per capita in the entire nation?!

This alone is ample reason to insist our state legislators stop trying to increase taxes.

When Obama began his attacks on the energy industry eight years ago, the writing was on the wall. . .

. . . You and I could see it.

So why couldn’t Wyoming legislators? Why did they turn a blind eye to the facts and continue to spend money like drunken sailors?

Wyoming legislators continue to insist they cut, and cut, and cut spending until there was “nothing left” to cut.

Don't be fooled.

With all due respect, it’s hogwash.

Please sign your petition here, and help end the threat of an increased tax burden.

Even after Governor Mead's mid-year decision to cut $250 million from state agency budgets, Wyoming will still be left with a $156 MILLION deficit for general government operations.

How about they get rid of some bloated state operations and do what every other hardworking American has to do in times of hardship?

After you sign your petition, I need you to alert your friends, family, and neighbors in Wyoming, and ask them to sign the petition, too.

Thank you for all you to do defend your God-given liberties at every level of government.

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