MA Petition for Educational Freedom

Patriots of Massachusetts,

What are our children being taught by the feds?

With the new Common Core State Standards Initiative, we may never find out. After all, the political establishment's new scheme to take over the education system is draped in secrecy.

When the standards were being designed, members of the Common Core Validation Committee had to swear an oath not to divulge what was discussed during the meetings.

Now that the standards are taking effect, parents are finding it impossible to obtain information on what their kids are learning.

The reason the political elite are so eager to hide the effects of Common Core is because they are trying to control the nation's education system. Under Common Core, Massachusetts students will find themselves as much as two grade levels behind where they are under the current standards, and without necessary critical thinking skills. In addition, schools would have access to nearly every piece of information about students' personal lives.

What happens when the feds control the classroom? Let's not find out.

Sign the petition below to demand that your state legislator support legislation to repeal Common Core in Massachusetts and keep the feds away from our kids.

In Liberty,

Mark Mezzina
Massachusetts State Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty

WHEREAS: The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has had the highest educational standards in the country for decades because of effective policy handled by local school boards with input from parents; and

WHEREAS: Education is most effectively handled at the local level, where parents can have direct control over school curriculum and policy; and

WHEREAS: The federal government's takeover of education, known as "Common Core", threatens parental control over their children's education.

THEREFORE: I urge you to support legislation rejecting Common Core and returning control over education to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and local school districts.

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