Gun Haters Coming Apart At The Seams - Wisconsin Firearm Freedom Act

The Wisconsin Firearm Freedom Act (LRB 2063) has been introduced.

And the gun-haters are practically coming apart at the seams. 

You see, they don’t like being on the defensive.

They simply don’t know what to do when we gun owners assert our rights.

LRB 2063 would make it illegal for any local or state law enforcement officer to carry out orders from a federal mandate that would restrict magazines, other firearm accessories, or types and amounts of ammo in your possession.

And it would make it a crime for any state official to carry out federal gun confiscation orders here in Wisconsin.

Right now, LRB 2063 is being circulated for cosponsors, and we need as many legislators as possible to sign on.

This legislation is an important safeguard for Badger Stategun owners.

It’s also a bold reaffirmation of states’ rights as a deterrent against federal gun control.

But it will not be easy to pass.

Too many spineless Republicans in state government are afraid to back a bill giving meaningful protections to gunowners.

Already, anti-gun Attorney General Eric Holder is trying to bully the state of Kansas for passing a similar law, claiming the Kansas law is “unconstitutional” under the Supremacy Clause.

But the Supremacy Clause does not invalidate local or state laws that are in conflict with federal laws -- it says laws in pursuance of the Constitution are supreme.

This clearly means (inversely) that local and state laws most certainly supersede unconstitutional federal laws.

And last time I checked, gun confiscations, magazine bans, and ammo restrictions are all unconstitutional.

To properly prepare for this fight, I need to ask for your help. You see, we’re already fighting many other battles here in Wisconsin.

But I am confident, with your support, we can pass the Wisconsin Firearm Freedom Act.

Click here to chip in.

I’ll lay out the action plan for this battle in the coming weeks, but right now I need to replenish our coffers to prepare for this fight.

And I need to do it fast.

The anti-gun groups are raising big money right now to oppose this bill.

Please chip in something -- no matter how modest. 

Contributing just $10 or $20 right now will really help us to prepare for this battle.

Your contribution will make a BIG difference.

Your donation will be used to:

  • Mobilize 5,000-10,000 new pro-liberty activists for this battle
  • Expose the lies of the anti-gunners and big government cronies
  • Flood the district of any state legislator opposing this bill with hard-hitting mail pieces

Please do what you can to support Wisconsin Campaign for Liberty.

With the necessary resources, we will fully mobilize the grassroots and pass the Wisconsin Firearm Freedom Act.

Click here to chip in.

In Liberty,

Todd Welch
State Coordinator
Wisconsin Campaign for Liberty

P.S. The Wisconsin Firearm Freedom Act (LRB 2063) has been introduced.

And the gun-haters are practically coming apart at the seams.

Please chip in to support the Wisconsin Firearms Freedom Act

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