Texas C4L supported Red Light Camera ban bill advances!

I am glad to report that for the first time a real red light camera ban has passed out of the Texas House Transportation Committee! HB1631 by Stickland received 9 out of 13 votes in the committee to advance to the next stage and is one more step closer to getting a floor vote in the House. If we can get a floor vote HB1631 would surely pass with more than 100 of the 150 members cosponsors to the bill!

Unfortunately with hundreds of millions of dollars at stake the corrupt red light camera companies are in survival mode and are throwing around a lot of money for lobbyists to keep this bill from ever getting a vote. The next hurdle will be the Calendars Committee. This important committee decides which bills come up for a vote on the floor and when. Many good bills die here. With your help I know we can get HB1631 out of the Calendars Committee and on to a floor vote! Here's how you can help.

Please contact each of the Calendars Committee members below and tell them you want a floor vote on HB1631 and that they should move the bill along quickly!

Emails so you can cut and paste are here;

Joe.Moody@house.texas.gov, Four.Price@house.texas.gov, John.Frullo@house.texas.gov, Joe.Deshotel@house.texas.gov, Craig.Goldman@house.texas.gov, Oscar.Longoria@house.texas.gov, Will.Metcalf@house.texas.gov, Tom.Oliverson@house.texas.gov, eddie.rodriguez@house.texas.gov, Toni.Rose@house.texas.gov, John.Wray@house.texas.gov,

Phone numbers;

Chair Four Price 512-463-0470
VC Joe Moody 512-463-0728
Joe Deshotel 512-463-0662
John Frullo 512-463-0676
Craig Goldman 512-463-0608
Oscar Longoria 512-463-0645
Will Metcalf 512-463-0726
Tom Oliverson 512-463-0661
Eddie Rodriguez 512-463-0674
Toni rose 512-463-0664
John Wray 512-463-0516

In Liberty,

Byron Schirmbeck
State coordinator
Texas Campaign For Liberty

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