The Fed just made a stunning admission

The Fed just made a stunning admission.

They have changed course on previous policy and now refuse to even attempt to raise interest rates when the employment rate rises.

This is a very loud and clear signal . . . get ready for even more wealth destruction from inflation, just when many of us can afford it the least.

I think it’s time we put a stop to the madness of the monetary policy coming from Chairman Jerome Powell and the Federal Reserve. In their 107-year history, they have not had a full audit, despite the fact that nearly 80% of the American public is now in favor of it.

Before every last shred of American wealth is wiped out, we must act quickly. The Federal Reserve’s apologists in Congress won't lift a finger as the Fed's reckless policies totally destroy the American way of life.

If you haven’t already, please sign the petitionto tell Congress we cannot delay auditing the Fed any longer, it may just be our last chance to avert another financial collapse.

The Fed’s public embrace of runaway inflation will facilitate even more congressional spending sprees as the politicians and their big bank cronies continue to show complete contempt for the financial well-being of you and me.

Just yesterday, the Government Accountability Office had to admit  they’re still trying to recover a large chunk of the $1.6 billion paid to dead people in the so-called “CARES” Act. In fact, they still have yet to recover $500,000,000 of that money.

Remember the rush to ram through this legislation back in March?

Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY) was attacked for simply asking for a recorded vote!

Speaker Nancy Pelosi not only guided the runaway spending in Congress, but flat out demanded there be zero accountability for the financial disaster they had cooked up. Then checks were quickly sent out by the IRS in the name of dead folks!

This kind of recklessness from politicians and bureaucrats with $6 trillion of our money to play favorites with should be no surprise if you’ve been paying attention since the first round of “Bailouts” to Wall Street, 12 years ago.

Nobody was punished for the last financial collapse.

Audit the Fed was repeatedly blocked from getting a vote in the Senate.

Bad behavior was rewarded and now it’s being repeated.

In fact, their actions since the 2008 financial crisis have only set us up for an even bigger crash that I predict is just around the corner.

Big Government meddling with our economy has led to economic crisis after crisis.

I fear what will happen when the $6 trillion from “The CARES Act” and all the guaranteed inflation that comes with it, starts to rear its ugly head in the form of much greater prices for everyday goods.

In fact, we’re already seeing some of it. Reports of food prices rising dramatically amid business shutdowns are coming out in publications here at home and in other parts of the world.

According to MarketWatch, “Grocery prices have surged during the pandemic.” The cost of what the government calls “food at home” has risen at a 5.6% yearly pace.

I won’t mince words -- with the national debt now topping the $26 TRILLION mark, no end in sight for the out-of-control spending of Congress, and the Fed’s “Zero Interest Rates” they’re saying are here to stay, every shred of American wealth is threatened.

That’s why it’s vital the American people finally learn the truth about the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy.

I believe if we act now, you and I can force this issue front-and-center and show Congress they'll be in for a rude awakening this November if they fail to take serious action to open the books and bring the Fed's madness to a halt.

Thanks to 11-plus years of hard work by the  supporters of Campaign for Liberty, more Americans now than ever understand the destructive influence the Federal Reserve has on our economy.

We simply must use this moment in history to force Congress to act in the interest of the American public and finally pass Audit the Fed, so we can right our ship before it’s too late.

I fear that if we don’t do this now, our society is at risk of fracturing in ways I never even imagined.

Sign the petition to let Congress know  they cannot wait any longer to do the right thing.

I would not still be in this fight if I did not believe they are the cause of every boom and bust cycle in the last 100 years that has eroded the value of the Dollar, destroyed more wealth than any other institution in the world, and has done it all with zero accountability, including in 2020.

In fact, their actions since the 2008 financial crisis have only set us up for an even bigger crash that I predict is just around the corner.

Of course, a select few -- like powerful politicians and their insider pals -- stand to reap a political and economic windfall.

You and I must stop them from getting away with it again.

Please act at once.

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