The Fight against Obamacare: States Edition

By: Jessie Markell

In addition to mobilizing opposition to big government power-grabs coming out of Washington DC, Campaign for Liberty also organizes patriots on the state level to fight big government policies there.

It might be a new restriction on gun ownership in Colorado, pushing the Governor of Georgia to veto a tax increase, or any other number of issues. Most recently, C4L has been one of the only organizations effectively fighting the state-level implementation of ObamaCare.

Just because our representatives on Capitol Hill have not been able to repeal or even limit the implementation of socialized medicine doesn’t mean the fight is over. State governments must agree to implement lire parts of Obamacare, so our State Operations team has taken matters into their own hands.

Campaign for Liberty State Coordinators have been leading the charge against the setting up of healthcare exchanges for ObamaCare and the expansion of Medicare, while turning up the heat on Governors and state legislators who are complying with this terrible piece of legislation.

In NC, State Coordinator Adam Love hosted rallies and worked to get a bill passed against the ObamaCare Exchanges and Medicaid Expansion. The bill passed and was signed into law.

After the South Carolina Campaign for Liberty forced Governor Niki Haley to publicly declare she would not set up healthcare exchanges, a Freedom of Information Act request revealed that the Governor stated “she did not want to be on the wrong side of Campaign for Liberty on this issue.”

In Louisiana, Georgia and Michigan, State C4L groups have been able to fend off any and all attempts to establish healthcare exchanges and expand Medicaid despite leaders in both parties pushing hard for compliance.

Click here to find your state or local Campaign for Liberty groups in order to join the fight to preserve your liberties in your own backyard today!

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