This is What Winning Looks Like

I’ve had the honor of working alongside boots-on-the-ground activists since Campaign for Liberty started, and their amazing accomplishments are too numerous to list here.

Campaign for Liberty activists are transforming the liberty landscape and stopping the statists in their tracks in counties and states across the nation.

Our incredible Campaign for Liberty leaders won’t let anything get in the way of their focus on your freedom.

They’ve been on the front lines for months or years and have the battle scars and success stories to prove it.

This is what winning looks like:

Michigan Campaign for Liberty:


Talbert Black, C4L State Coordinator, South Carolina:


Eric Boye, C4L State Coordinator, Delaware:

In less than two weeks, you will have an incredible opportunity to hear many exciting victory stories directly from the grassroots activists who fight for liberty every day.

The 2014 Liberty Political Action Conference (LPAC) is the perfect opportunity to learn from fellow activists, recharge, regroup, and be inspired.

This year’s conference is dedicated to Campaign for Liberty volunteer activists who fight in the trenches every day.

Click here now to reserve your spot!

LPAC 2014 is being held on September 18th-20th at the Hilton Alexandria Mark Center in Alexandria, Virginia.

LPAC will bring together hundreds of freedom-loving grassroots activists from all across the nation for three exciting days of speakers, training, receptions, and more!

You’ll be able to connect with fellow activists, share motivational stories from the field, learn tried-and-true techniques and tactics for winning, and meet movers and shakers in the liberty movement.

If you are serious about reclaiming the Republic, you simply must be at this conference.

Click here now to reserve your spot.

I look forward to meeting you there!

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