Open Skies Update

Some good news: The Trump Administration has decided against ending or limiting “open skies” agreements with the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Instead, the UAE countries must submit to several conditions, such as preforming an annual audit that [...]

Good News: Twin 33 Trucking Update Moves Through Transportation Committee!

Yesterday, the House Appropriations Committee passed an amendment to the Fiscal Year 2019 THUD appropriations bill that moves forward with updating a 35-year old federal regulation that would allow Twin 33 trailers to be used by freight shipping [...]

This Week in Congress

The House is in session Monday through Thursday. They will be considering S. 2155, legislation making changes to the Dodd-Frank bill. This was the bill Senator Rand Paul attempted to attach Audit the Fed to in the Senate. There was interest in [...]

This Week in Congress: Update Votes on Raw Milk, Spending, and Torture

The House will finish debate on the farm bill today. Among the amendments still to be voted on is Thomas Massie’s amendment legalizing interstate shipments of raw milk between states that have legalized raw milk. Campaign for Liberty members [...]

How Congress Can Modernize U.S. Infrastructure Without Spending a Penny

The rise of e-commerce has increased demand for timely and efficient shipping methods at a time when our nation’s infrastructure is more crowded than ever. Unfortunately, an outdated 1982 regulation is hindering the development of new, [...]

NDAA Update

The House and Senate are out of session this week for the Memorial Day recess. Before leaving town last week, The House passed the National Defense Authorization Act by a vote of 351-66. 59 Democrats and 7 Republicans voted no. The seven [...]

Update on Congress and Farm Bill Fall-Out

Some good news, S. 204, the Right to Try Act passed the House by a vote of 250-169. You can see the roll-call vote here. The House also passed S. 2155, the bill making modest changes to Dodd-Frank. This bill was passed with a closed rule, so [...]

UPDATE: Raw Milk Goes Down, Temporary Defeat of Farm Bill

Unfortunately, Representative Massie’s raw milk amendment to the Farm Bill was defeated by a vote of 79-331. You can see the roll-call vote here. But there is some good, albeit temporary, news. The Farm Bill also went down in defeat today, [...]

End the War on Raw Milk

The U.S. House of Representatives will vote as early as today to take a major step to end the federal government’s war on raw milk. Since the vote could come at any time between now and when the House adjourns tomorrow, it is vital you [...]

This Week in Congress

The Senate will be considering nominations. The House will be in Tuesday through Friday. The big item this week is the farm bill. Several amendments have been submitted that would reduce the bill's costs and make other changes to the farm [...]