SnyderCare Excuse #1

EXCUSE:  We have to do it now so the Fed. Govt. won't control it.  If we don’t write it, the Federal Government will and we will have lost any control over what is in it.  ANSWERS:  (a) The Exchange is not even [...]

I am alive and happy to be a part of this revolution not so much for my sake but for the sake of my grown children and their children and my great grand babies in Alaska!

It's my Honor to fight for Our Rights, as Tax paying Americans it is treasonous what the leaders of our country have spent our hard earned money on! I am pissed off and mad as hell! If you aren't then you are uninformed or totally [...]

Literally the main export from the United States of America is now paper dollars

     The petrodollar system of oil sales in US dollars followed by recycling of those dollars into US debt bonds from the US Treasury is accomplished on the US end by manufacture of digital computer dollars and paper dollars [...]

Stop ObamaCare in Michigan NOW

Dear Tony,Nancy Pelosi famously said, “we must pass the (health care) law in order to find out what is in the law.”Now that ObamaCare is law, the mysteries contained within are slowly coming to light.While there is reason to hope that [...]

It's a Lie

Dear Tony, It’s a lie. And the media and politicians just keep repeating it. They say we have to set up an ObamaCare Exchange in our state or the Federal Government will have complete control over your health care. The truth [...]

2011 MLB jerseys help enterprise

According to information,Fake jerseys enterprise now registered as long as current network address, namely can enjoy the electronic business alliance of credible provide credible promotion service: in this league has cover of the hundreds of [...]

Supreme Court shouldn't feel reluctant to declare entire 2,000+ page Obamacare unconstitutional without reading it. Pelosi didn't read it either before voting on it

     Justice Scalia expressed reluctance to be required to pick through the entire Obamacare bill of 2000+ pages to find the parts that are salvagable. Nancy Pelosi who has been pretending to be a Congresswoman from the State [...]

ObamaCare, Day 1 Audio of Arguments


The Panic of 1819 and Today

Some things never change -- the first depression in U.S. history was very similar to all future economic downturns, including today's.The Panic of 1819 sparked a crisis that featured price drops, bank failures, mortgage foreclosures, and mass [...]