The Cause of Liberty at Virginia's General Assembly Part 2

This is the second in a series of posts that I’ve decided to do as a post-session look at the bills considered by Virginia’s General Assembly.  For now I’m focusing on bills that passed both the House of Delegates and the [...]

Wrong word

This will probably be the only opinion on the name, i.e. Campaign for Liberty, but I think the word, liberty should be freedom, not liberty. I think Ron Paul should embrace freedom and stop using liberty. The reason is that I think most people [...]

Talking to the People Doesn't Work

An article in today’s Washington Post illustrates perfectly the utter futility of the Obama Administration’s foreign policy.  The article begins:“President Obama delivered his annual message to the Iranian people on [...]

Fake jerseys have two studios

On March 16, Fake jerseys perfect world announced the 2011 in the fourth quarter earnings, and announced a $2 per ADS dividends. In a later meeting analysts, perfect world ChiYuFeng CEO, said gross dividends will be as much as $95 million, is the [...]

Bill to Ban Traffic Cameras is Scheduled for Debate in the Iowa House

The Iowa House Republican caucus met earlier today and discussed a bill (HF 2214) to ban automated traffic enforcement systems (speed cameras and red light cameras) across Iowa.  They voted 28-6-4.  The measure will now be debated on [...]

Petrodollar and war against any country not selling oil for fiat Fed Reserve notes is alternative to sound money

     A popular theory is in order to keep a high demand for Fed Reserve Notes the USA Military has to attack any country in the Middle East not dealing its oil for petrodollars. Rather than allowing Constitutional money of [...]

The Cause of Liberty at Virginia's General Assembly Part 1

So much focus is given to events in Washington D.C., that it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that some of the best opportunities for increasing liberty are found in local politics.  The Virginia General Assembly recently adjourned its [...]

Paul Ryan vs. Obama vs. Rand Paul - 4/6/2011

This week, House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan introduced his budget for FY 2012.  The media and politicians alike are either swooning over it or chastising it depending on their particular slant. Some are applauding it as a bold [...]

Most of Congress and the POTUS are cowards, hiding behind the Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011

     They are almost all cowards hiding behind a law that restricts the 1st Ammendment right to free speech. The elected reps in Congress and the POTUS are so weak and quiver at the sound of someone, anyone speaking in dissent [...]

Petrodollar combined with the usury system of the Fed is a barbaric relic ripping and tearing society and culture to shreds

     The fractional reserve Federal reserve banks have a vested interest in seeing oil sold in petrodollars because they are always getting the interest payments on the credit they create out of thin air.  Even if they [...]