Bob Murphy on Fed “Independence”

Writing in the Fiscal Times, leading Austrian economist Bob Murphy looks at whether the Fed is truly independent from political sway. (Spoiler alert: it isn’t.) Professor Murphy highlights a 1975 study by Yale University professor William [...]

Can’t We Just Leave Syria Alone?

Assad was supposed to be gone already. President Obama thought it would be just another “regime change” operation and perhaps Assad would end up like Saddam Hussein or Yanukovych. Or maybe even Gaddafi. But he was supposed to be gone. The US [...]

Deutsche Bank: Ron Paul was Right

Well that’s not exactly how they put it, but a new study by the Deutsche Bank shows that having central banks try to stimulate economic growth does not work. As Daniel Lacalle with dlacalle.com writes: They have analyzed the impact on [...]

This Week in Congress Update

Yesterday the Senate passed the $854.3 billion Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education and Defense Appropriations bill. Only seven Senators voted no: Mike Crapo (R-ID) Jeff Flake (R-AZ) Mike Lee (R-UT) Rand Paul (R-KY) James Risch [...]

This Week in Congress

The Senate will work on H.R. 6157, legislation combining the Defense Appropriations bill with the Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education Appropriations bills. The bill spends $675 billion on “defense,” an increase of $20.4 billion [...]

This Week in Congress

The House is back in session this week and will be in from Tuesday through Friday. Among the legislation to be considered is H.R. 1635 which expands access to counseling on student loan debt available to recipients of student loans. Among other [...]

Trump’s Bad Deal for Workers

On Tuesday, President Trump and Republican Senate leadership cut a deal with Senate Democrats to approve 50 of President Trump’s nominations. Part of the deal is that President Trump renominate Mark Pearce for Chair of the National Labor [...]

Turkey Now, America Later?

President Trump recently imposed sanctions on Turkey to protest the Turkish government’s detention of an American pastor. Turkey has responded by increasing tariffs on US exports. The trade war is being blamed for the collapse of Turkey’s [...]

Classic Ron Paul: Stop Forcing Taxpayers to Pay for Abortion

Senate leadership is blocking Senator Rand Paul’s amendment to the Labor, Heath and Human Services, and Education Appropriations bill preventing taxpayer dollars from going to abortion providers. This is a loss for taxpayers and a craven act of [...]

Protectionism Abroad and Socialism at Home

One of the most insidious ways politicians expand government is by creating new programs to “solve” problems created by politicians. For example, government interference in health care increased health care costs, making it difficult or even [...]