Ron Paul: FDA Outlier In Deregulatory Agenda

Campaign for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul recently took to the pages of Real Clear Politics to criticize the Food and Drug Administration’s regulation of e-cigarettes. Dr. Paul points out the FDA’s actions are in contradiction to the Trump [...]

Ron Paul -- "always ahead of the curve on this"

Former Federal Reserve Bank of New York President Bill Dudley recently penned an op-ed in Bloomberg calling for the Federal Reserve to not take certain actions for fear it might "enable the Trump administration to continue down a disastrous path [...]

Come and Take it!

The 127 American troops who defended Fort Morris in Sunbury, Georgia on November 25, 1778 were no match for the rapidly approaching British Army . . . They knew their hastily constructed fort’s walls would go up in smoke the moment a [...]

J. Neil Schulman RIP

The liberty movement lost one of its most unique and effective communicators on Saturday, August 10 when J. Neil Schulman died at the age of 66. Neil was the author of 11 books and a filmmaker who founded his own production company Sisulu [...]

Summary of Labor Appropriations Bill

With Congress on recess, this a good time to take a look at the components of  the appropriations bills the House passed this summer.   Today we’ll look at the Labor, Education, and Health and Human Services bill, which appropriates $189.9 [...]

Forget the Russians: It’s the Federal Reserve Seeking to Meddle in Our Elections

The US Constitution never granted the federal government authority to create a central bank. The Founders, having lived through hyperinflation themselves, understood that government should never have a printing press at its disposal. But from the [...]

Stop the anti-gunners in D.C.

Most Americans are probably hoping to enjoy some of the last days of summer at the beach, parks, or just hanging out in their backyard grilling hamburgers and playing games with friends and family. . . But not the gun-grabbers! House [...]

Who Are the Real Extremists?

The recent mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton have re-ignited efforts to pass “Red Flag” laws, which allow the government to take away a person’s guns without due process, and expanded background checks on those wishing to purchase a gun. [...]

Rand Paul: Audit the Fed Now

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) took to Twitter yesterday to respond President Trump's latest attack on the Federal Reserve with one simple point about the Fed: Campaign for Liberty is continuing our push to get a majority of the House to [...]

Are Recessions Inevitable?

Stocks fell last week following news that the yield curve on Treasury notes had inverted. This means that a short-term Treasury note was paying higher interest rates than long-term Treasury note. An inverted yield curve is widely seen as a sign [...]