Protectionism Abroad and Socialism at Home

One of the most insidious ways politicians expand government is by creating new programs to “solve” problems created by politicians. For example, government interference in health care increased health care costs, making it difficult or even [...]

Ron Paul: Liberty, Federalism, and the States Act Bring People Together

Campaign for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul recently penned an op-ed for the Daily Caller on the STATES Act (S. 3032), legislation prohibiting the enforcement of federal laws outlawing marijuana in states that have legalized marijuana. You can read [...]

Trump vs. His Own Administration?

Are President Trump’s senior cabinet members working against him? It’s hard not to conclude that many of the more hawkish neocons that Trump has (mistakenly, in my view) appointed to top jobs are actively working to undermine the [...]

One Bad Policy Leads to Another

It is a truism that the negative effect of government intervention is inevitably more government intervention. Take the minimum wage as an example. Minimum wages are set to attempt to combat low wage jobs, but what really happens is that [...]

Free Trade a Job Killer? Facts Show Otherwise

One of the myths pedaled by opponents of free trade is that it kills American jobs. In truth, free trade creates new economic opportunities and jobs—while government policies restricting the free flow of goods and services across borders kill [...]

Who Wants You to Pay More for Prescription Drugs? Some in Congress

One thing that always amazes me is how protective some normally free-market Congressmen are of the prescription drug industry. Any legislation that reduces drug prices through promoting free market principles in the drug industry – such as [...]

When the Senate Cancels Vacation Who Pays?

The taxpayers, silly! The Senate comes back from its truncated August recess tomorrow to consider two judicial nominations this week. That’s right . . . two nominations. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s decision to shorten the [...]

Who wants you to pay more for prescription drugs? Some in Congress

One of the major problems with healthcare policy (as well as policy in general) is that too many representatives support giving government more power to solve government-created problems. For example, Representative Buddy Carter (GA-01). Rep. [...]

Congress Update: Thank You Mike Lee

The House continues its five-week long August recess, while the Senate is taking a one-week break, so this week’s blog will just look at some big events from last week. Perhaps the most significant vote was one that didn’t happen. Reacting [...]

Neocons Demand 'Crushing' Sanctions on Russia

You can always count on the neocons in Congress to ignore reality, ignore evidence, and ignore common sense in their endless drive to get us involved in another war. Last week, for example, Senators John McCain (R-AZ), Lindsey Graham (R-NC), Bob [...]