Texas C4L Fights for Gun Rights

Texas Campaign For Liberty has launched it's petition to support passage of a Constitutional Carry bill in Texas. You may have thought Texas was one of the states with the most freedoms concerning gun laws, but did you know Texas is one of only 5 [...]

North Metro Campaign for Liberty is Tonight Tuesday, August 5th

The monthly meeting of the North Metro Campaign for Liberty is tonight Tuesday, August 5th! We will hear from Minnesota's own Jennifer Parrish who, with our friends at the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, is a leader in the [...]

Thanks but no Tanks Texas!

Texas Campaign For Liberty is helping you fight back against the over militarization of our local police departments. This alarming trend makes our police departments look more like private armies instead of civilian police forces. The latest [...]

Forty-nine states tracking your prescriptions in databases

Forty-nine states are tracking all of your prescriptions in state-run databases and politicians and law enforcement hope to make Missouri the 50th state. Lawmakers say this is necessary to combat prescription pain-killer abuse, but this is a [...]

Kid builds free library for Mother's Day, Town shuts it down

Your daily facepalm. Nine-year-old Spencer Collins of Leawood, Kansas decided to build a free library on his parents' property for Mother's Day. Unfortunately for the citizens of Leawood, the town is fighting back against the tyranny of free [...]

Political leadership training classes coming to The Woodlands and Round Rock

Do you know how to work the legislature, or are you going to be worked over by the legislature...again? I am confident that you understand the power of ideas.  But good ideas are not worth anything if they are not put into action. If you [...]

Don't want to drug your child? You may be a criminal

During his years in Congress, Campaign for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul often spoke out against the over-use of "psychotropic" drugs like Ritalin. Despite psychotropic drugs' documented dangers, they are still prescribed to children without parental [...]

Williamson County C4L goes after Round Rock Ticket Cameras

Williamson County Campaign For Liberty is urging residents to contact Round Rock city council and mayor to turn off the dangerous and unconstitutional red light cameras. Texas C4L recently exposed the fact that injuries and fatalities have [...]

Campaign for Liberty Strongly Opposes Phony 'Audit the Fed' Effort

SPRINGFIELD, Virginia- Campaign for Liberty strongly opposes the GAO audit provision in H.R. 5018 The Federal Reserve Accountability and Transparency Act, legislation that would bring neither accountability nor full transparency to the Federal [...]

Virginia Defeats ObamaCare's Medicaid Expansion -- For Now...

Late last night, the General Assembly wrapped up its special session and finalized a budget -- without ObamaCare's Medicaid expansion! You may recall McAuliffe tried to veto a provision prohibiting the Governor from unilaterally proceeding to [...]