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MIC4L Detroit Members Issue 1,000 Parking Tickets

The nation is watching a microcosm of its financial wows through the city of Detroit. Michigan state legislators, and city of Detroit officials, are hard at work to steal more money from taxpayers in order to bail out the city. Detroit C4L members took action to bring awareness to the latest scam from Government to […]

Want Healthcare Freedom or ObamaCare?

ObamaCare, which Governor Snyder is urgently trying to implement by creating the government-run insurance exchange, will complete the government takeover of healthcare in Michigan. The House already passed the appropriations bill needed to start creating the structure for government-run healthcare, and the Senate is set to pass it this week. It is critical that you […]

Kool-Aid, Funny Money, and Drunken Sailors

Kool-Aid, Funny Money, and Drunken Sailors